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We just bought some. My naturopath had some in her office and I asked her about it. It's amazing stuff. Her assistant is using it for short term use. I read in Nexus magazine that bacteria is the culprit for every disease on the planet and the MMS will kill it. My doc. said to dose low for a longer period of time instead of the standard dose that makes you nausious(sp). yes there is the product and you have to activate it with vit. c or lemon. We are going to use lemon.
My youngest son sees a naturopathic doctor who has cured many cancers from breast to brain cancers with no drugs, chemo or radiation. PM me for her info. if you would like. I also suggest looking into the lymph star pro. The comapny who makes them are very nice and will help with questions. This machine will greatly help you. Lots of love and hugs your way. Trust your body, it has amazing healing abilities.
Besides being mean I felt the same way he did when I had the flu last week. I would start to feel better and then I would start feeling sick again. It was kinda strange but it passed. I would give it a few more days. Try and give him ZERO sugar. Not even juice and limited fruit. The body will heal much faster.
According to the CDC the H1N1 has already peaked and is now seeing less cases. This time last year, no one was freaking like like this. It's so annoying.
Look into this machine. It will help her and if she has an asthma attack it will help that too. http://www.arcturusstar.com/Lymphstar.php
I have heard the same thing too. Mike Adams talks about it on his swine flu prepardness cd I ordered. I think it's immune stimulants like mushrooms and spirulina. Idk...
Yes, it's apple cider vinegar. I use the Bragg brand.
Thanks Sandy!
I had a kitchenaid and it would not belnd well at all. I found a good deal on a cuisinart and it belnds GREAT! i ALWAYS blend my greens first with a little water and then the others. I blend everything for about 2 minutes and it's a nice smooth texture.
How long did you have the high antibodioes?
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