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I circumcised my first son. He is 9 years old now and he has major adhesions from it. They are painful and I don't know what to do. His pedi. told me it will seperate but it's not. What is happening is the shaft and the mushroom tip of the head are sealed together with skin. Now that his penis is growing bigger that skin is trying to separate causing him pain. There is small holes where it's breaking open. Any advise on how to help this.
I'm looking for very very high calorie foods that are healthy to help my son gain weight. Any ideas?
Cultured milk like in fermenting it into kefir?
It's loaded with good info! http://swineflu.mercola.com/sites/swineflu/home.aspx
Sandymom, Did the iodine and selenium bring the antibodies down or did it make them go away?
I gave him the D in his mouth from a dropper. I know you can get the Pau D' Arco at wholefoods. I bought both of the teas from Mountain Rose Herbs. I got one pound of each and they were both under 10.00 dollars.
hehehehehe! Are you sure it's the swine flu not the regular flu? I heard the cdc stopped testing for swine flu in Aug. I hope you feel better.
On a family of 5, we spend between 700-800 a month on food! It's insane. I'm very strict on what we eat and it's expensive! I don't do anything processed like the tofus and cream cheese. Just a lot of raw foods, grass fed beef etc. It's crazy. I'm trying to cut down but I just don't know how.
I don't know the numbers but the doctor said they were high and my actual thyroid test was normal.
I know right! I read good stuff and then I read bd stuff. I have thyroid antibodies and I read not to take it if you have the antibodies. I'm going to try and see how I feel.
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