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there is a way! First get Suzanna Sommers book KNOCK OUT and look in the back for the recmmended doctors (all alternative docs curing cancers) and read the book of course! A must for anyone with cancer seekingalternative treatments. Second we use this machine called the lymph star pro. The owners son had lukemia and was cured with no chemo or radiation or drugs. You can call the company and ask questions - they are very nice and can help. =)
Is anyone eating other fruits and veggies other than whats listed in the pounds and inches? I wish there was a creamer or milk we could use on this diet...I really miss my coffee (can't drink it black)
Today is my third day and I'm doing the injections. I tried the homeopathic drops which didn't work since I was STARVING. After tons of research I do not believe the drops work and I think they are a scam. I never showed a positive pregnancy test while on the drops and my keto strips did not show I was burning fat since they never changed colors (red) Now that I'm on the injections my pregnancy test is + and my keto strips are red...Plus I'm not hungry AT ALL. Has...
We have a machine called the lymph star pro that would do wonders for your son. You can call the company and ask them questions about your sons swollen lymph nodes for some really good advise since they are so educated in the lymphatic system and thats all they do lymph research. They are very nice and always happy to offer advise. lymphstarpro.com
I'm so happy to hear the bleeding stopped, and I hope it never happens again to you! I had a horrible hemorrhage 2 weeks PP with my second son. I literally sat down to go pee (all bleeding had stopped by this time) and I heard two loud plops - it was two large blood clots the size of large grapefruit followed by super heavy bleeding (like a faucet was turned on). I finally went to the ER where I was placed in an isolation waiting room for 3 hours while I waited for a...
Where do you buy cell salts from?
I went to a local lyme support group meeting and the people there with lyme could not keep their vit. D levels up. We live in AZ too, sunshine all year. Not sure why they can't keep the vit. d up. I have not had mine tested, but I will request it. Does anyone know how to interpret the igenex test results? Just not 100% sure I have lyme, but igenex said I do. The igenex igm says positive with 3 stars on line 41 and line 39 was IND and so was line 83-93 IND...
Hi, I'm being treated for Lyme with antibiotics and some other alternative remedies. On my paper work from my doctor, it says to take the probiotics 3 hours AFTER you take the antibiotics. I would assume you take the probiotics a few months after the antibiotics are finished to heal your insides.
So I have been on treatment for about 3 weeks now and I feel sooooo crappy. So tired and weak, crabby, body aches, headaches...Does this mean a herx? I'm also seeing a lot of flashing spots and colored spots now. Never seen those before I started treatment. I'm having a hard time focusing and trying to work on my business too. When does it get better? Kathy did you do the igenex for your kids too? Or just the standard test? oh ya...I bought the book 'healing lyme' -...
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