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Hi, I'm looking to "hire" someone who can help us with some odds and ends of our business. I have a blog and a online store. I need help with social networking since I'm so busy. I need a little help with a couple things right now and as time goes on, I will have much more work and you can do it all from home. PM me if you would like more information. Thanks!
My son used to have a lot pf swollen glands and I took him in a million times worried. If the lump is cancerous it will usually be hard and feel gritty like a rock, it will not move and will usually be painless. Non-cancerous lumps usually move easily, feel soft and will be sore. I also work a lot on lymph drainage, she could have a clogged lymph system. Try doing manual lymph drainage. or a homeopathic lymph cleanse. The Heel brand has some good ones. I...
You may not like my reply and I say it with love... Maybe you should not have it in, your body may be telling you something. I hope things get better. I use natural family planning and it works perfect for me.
Can someone recommend a cell salt for my son. He has liver disease and his alkaline phosphatase is elevated. He takes bioplasma already. Thx.
I will do a guest article for ya!
I make some killer vegan enchiladas but the sauce that comes in the can has msg and other yucky stuff. Just wondering if anyone has a good recipe?
This is what my naturopath does: Put some Silver in a nasal spray bottle - Spray it up up your nose and sniff hard while doing it (so it gets wayyy up there), even lay with your head upside down and do it. She said for chronic infections you may have to do this daily for up to three months. You may need to start detoxing too, your immune system seems to be out of wack so work on that too. Good luck!
Ahhhh thats great! My son may need a new liver one day so we know how your friend is feeling! Good luck!
I don't think it is. My son has liver disease and he has problems with malabsorption and one thing he can't absorb well is vit d. His doctors are CRAZY abouy keeping his D with in normal ranges. I have seen kids with his disease who don't have any D and they have horrible rickets and bone loss and bones that easily brake and don't heal. But it can usually be reversed in these kids with vit. D So I don't think so...
And keep us updated! Kathy, which type of cats claw do you use?
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