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OMG you go girl! A vbac queen! Thats sooo cool! So who the he** is your doc? I have yet to find a vabc supporter in AZ!!!! Please tell me who he is?
I have searched online and cant find anywhere....Let me know if you have any online stores. Thanks
I have been doing a tf diet for over a year now. My weight stays the same unless I actually "diet" (i still eat tf foods but follow weight watchers points program) and work out. I'm about 25 pounds over. Just wondering how everyones weight is on a tf diet? Did you lose easily? Do you gain?
fried plantains in coconut oil are yummy!
awwwww thats was way cool! I love the b/f pic!
I bought some from purity farms. Its in a glass container and it looks really yellow. What do you look for in the butter when making a choice to buy? I want the healthiest one with the most fat and vitamins. what ingredients should it have?
I would travel to another state if I had to! So no your not crazy!
I love this author. I have read almost all her books now and just rented her two audio books from the library. The meditations and developing intuition. If you dont know who she is you must read her books. My favorite one is creative visualazation. That would also be a great starter. The 4 levels of healing is a small book and its really really good.
Not sure what mindfullness is but I love shakti gawain meditations books and her meditation audio book is really good. You can rent her at the library. I have read all her books and i love them all. My favorite author.
Let her know that they stretch your tummy so far that you will have loose hanging 'apron' flappy skin. Each pregnancy will be riskier recovery frickin sucks
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