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What is the most traditional like butter to buy at whole foods/sprouts? My natural resources are very limited in Arizona so I have no choice unless I order online...
QWhen you see other moms feeding their kids doritos and capri suns and you think to yourself...those poor kids if only the mom knew.
I make beans every week. I soak them 24 hours w/ lemon juice on the counter. I never get the gooey stuff. I just get some bubbles and the fermented smell. Do you wash the beans 1st?
I'm going for my vba2c and I have been reading that the more sections you have the more likely you are to get a placenta problem making another csection a must or you can die. How likely is this? With both my sections I had zero problems with my placenta or it being removed. But i'm on my 3rd pregnancy and i'm concerned and scared I could be one of the women who get this problem and them another section. Are there higher risk groups? The only thing I have had a major...
You dont have to have a csection. What you have to do is refuse a csection once you are at the hospital. Find a very skilled doula who is good at vbacs and can detect any problems. Mine has a good check list of uterine rupture signs and if I show ANY we will rush to hospital or call 911(only if i'm showing severe signs). So labor at home as long as possible with your doula and once you are far into labor (i'm talking like 8-10 cm) then transfer to birth baby. So once...
I hope I spelled that right he he... Okay so I visualize a lot, do affirmations, meditate ext ext. I'm planning a homebirth after 2 csections. So while i'm visualizing me having the baby he/she keeps getting stuck in me. Then the entire visualation(sp) is ruined from there and I cant get back on track... Any ideas on getting past this bump?
I need someone to sew handmade eco bags. Very simple ones. Nothing fancy. It will pretty much be long term because i'm going to sell them on my website. If you would like to work with me PM me and we can talk more on details. Peace
I know its safe for pregnant women BUT since you had a section, I would not use it. Only because I have read a lot on avoiding any type of induction expecially on the cervix. Just take it orally
its to make a pie crust and i wont use crisco.
Try he Bach flower essence. The sleep remedy one. It always helps w/ my wild children
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