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I found these two small ball lumps under the skin. You can move them around and they are kinda hard. I dont mess with them too much though. Anyways i'm freaking out. Does anyone know what it could be? Its weird how I found them. Its like something guided my hand to his head where the lump thingys were. One is an inch behind his ear and the other is a few inches lower. From the outside you cant see anythiing. I'm calling his doc tomorrow but i'm scared.
My kids (7 and 19 months) take concentrace. I did A LOT research and found these to be the best and safest. I'm preggy now and i'm taking their multi liquid with concentrace. Google it. I got mine at wholefoods. I forgot who but I think Weston A Price said something about this too.
I have been turned down by 8 doctors now! One said he would take me but he was not supportive and said I will have to refuse a section to get my vba2c. Why will so many docs take one csection but 2 or more they are so against it. I have met with some really vbac friendly docs but once they hear i have had 2 c sections they want me out that door asap! With all my research and readings I dont see why not. Its so bizarre to me... rARRRRR!
I think this is where we really need to listen to our bodies. They will warn us. My doula said if there is a true uterine tear the woman will become dizzy, lethargic, off in la la land. She might have pain and bleeding too.
OMG NOOOO! They said my first son was gonna be a 9 pounder and he was 5 pounds 4 oz!!!! THats a bigggg difference.
and thats what you use to ferment veggies, beans ext?
Neither. Go into labor natural, if it fails then csection. but not elective section
Is it the stuff in top of the kefir once it seperates? Can you make/get whey from making kefir? How do you get it?
I just read my sugery report and it said everything I wanted to hear (thank the lord) but one thing was that I had severe adhesions. He called it pelvic adhesion disease. Is that bad for vab2c? It also said he did a low transverse cut in me 2cm above my 1st scar. Its still good since it was a low one right?
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