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This is kinda creepy. It has not hit the media yet but I have been getting it in my newsletters from a few of the sites I follow. Here are a couple links. It's kinda scary and they are saying the h1n1 and regular flu have mutated and are killing people with this deadly pneumonia with a 63% death rate. Anyone heard about...
He is in the very early stages of walking. His feet (more his left foot) point outward when he walks and it seems harder for him to walk. Anyone know about this?
I just wrote a post a couple weeks ago on how I treated strep at home for the first time. My son gets it every year bad. I have never been able to treat it. We got a positive test result from his doc. and she warned me about what will happen if I dont give him antibio. I did not give him antibio. and it went away. I never used anything to take his fever way. He is nine years old. Silver: orally, gargle it, sprAy in the nose and drops in the ear. Two or more times a...
My friend has chronic Bronchitis after pneumonia. Anyone know of good herbs to buy for it? Or homeopathy?
My NMD said not to take echinacea. I never asked about elderberry but I assume she would not like it because the syrup has sugar and she's very anti-sugar. We have two homeopathic meds that have worked wonder on my entire family. It literally kicked the virus right out of us. We were all getting sick and I knew it was the flu because of the symptoms and because of the homeo meds. we got better right away. My husband came home from work last week with a 103 fever, sore...
The flu enters through the eyes and ears too. Not just through the nose and mouth.
this is what she sells. http://www.purecaps.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=IT1 She said most people should not take the potassium iodine. I don't know why though. And this is what she put the hypo's on. http://www.naturalhealthconsult.com/...Thyrostim.html
I think my naturopath sells this kind. I was email and ask her. I can order it and ship it to yoou.
I have read several books on health. My favorite is Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. This is the best book I have ever read. It's all about greens and their amazing power to heal and give you super-immunity. She explains how they are a perfect food with everything we need. This book will change your life and your views on health and healing. It's so good!
New Posts  All Forums: