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Hi...I was hoping I can join you all. My DH and I have two beautiful children and we are trying for our third. We just miscarried at 6 weeks and so we are waiting a bit to actually try....I need to visit my OB and we just need time to heal emotionally and physically. But i will be following along here until I get a sticky bean!
I'm in a bit of a devastated fog right now, I started bleeding and cramping last night and this morning I tested negative. This was our first loss.    My best wishes to each of you for healthy, easy pregnancies and babies.
Hi all! This will be our 3rd baby - I'm due Sept 9th. My first dr. appt is next Wednesday! So far no symptoms except sore boobs - which is something I never had with my first two! 
I'll join too...   This will be baby no. 3 for us. DH and I are very excited. I have some concerns that our parents will not be at all. This is the first time that we have waited to tell them. I'm totally dreading telling them and that stinks,   Other than that yuck part, I am enjoying this stretch of feel good time before first trimester fun starts! We are due Sept. 9ish.
Hi! I'm due roughly between the 7th and the 9th! This will be our 3rd. Feeling fine still, but I know that will change soon. I'm trying to enjoy this little gap before the first trimester "fun" starts!   I too also feel out of place sometimes...we are certainly more crunchy than anyone we know in real life, but not nearly half as crunchy as many here. On the bright side it means I'm very open to learning new things! 
We are moving into a home with all hardwood floors....real wood, not laminate. I haven't the foggiest clue how to care for them. What kind of daily cleaning method, deep clean method, annual cleaning, etc., should I be doing? Cleaning products? Is there anything I should avoid or watch out for? Should I have something between the furniture and the floor to prevent scratches?    Thanks!
Excellent thoughts, thank you all! I will be sure to review the OPM site. We are such a unique little office. Literally everything in the county is unionized except our office. We fairly closely follow one of the unions contract, but technically we are not. I am going to do much more research and develop a written plan for sure. I also read through our human resources manual which does allow a reduced work schedule for up to a year after the birth of a child - so...
I work ft 8-4:30 m-f. I work for a local government in a fairly rural area. No one has ever worked a flex schedule of any type in this government. So before I even approach HR, I really need to get myself organized. I'm salary, and I don't share job responsibilities with anyone else. I know that I could complete all of my work in less than 40 hours, I was thinking of approaching HR with one of two plans - either five days with less hours each day or less days but at full...
I wasn't sure where to post this.... I am looking for suggestions on creating a portable toy stash. I am part of a new church plant and in charge of the nursery/younger children room. Right now I anticipate no more than 10 children probably from birth to first grade. Because of the nature of our temporary (read: 6 months) location, I will need to bring toys with me each service and cannot do anything messy like paints, play-doh, etc. What I am trying to do is create...
I have to say that I am really glad I read this posting. DH has this thing about a full pantry and fridge that I never understood. I love running down our food supply to zilch and then refilling it, but he always gets kind of uncomfortable and pushes for us to grocery shop when the food supply gets low. I never really understood what a full stock of food meant for him until now. Thank you to each of you for verbalizing what he likely feels and finally getting me to...
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