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He was born on July 1st (Canada Day up here) at 8:12pm.. Weighing 6lbs 12.5 oz after a hour labor and one push! I was induced at 36.5 weeks with very high blood pressure.. He had a double overhand knot in his cord that had not tightened thank goodness!! Sequoia has 3 big sisters and two brothers! We finished off with 3 girls then three boys! We feel so blessed with our family! I am resting up and DH has been beyond AMAZING with all he does!! We are all in LOVE!!!!!!!  
Thats not to bad a BP, its the lower number they told me which is the issue.. Mine has been creeping up and is now sitting at about 145 or 150 / 88 to 92 rangeI am hoping it doesn't go any higher! I have been induced twice with BP issues at the end..  
CONGRATS on your sweet baby boy! Enjoy your babymoon!!  
Here I am at 35 weeks :)  
GBS negative YIPPEEE! So happy about that! I am going in tomorrow for a quick check because I wondered if I might be leaking fluid. I had this happen with my 4th too and they never really figured it out that time.. SO I am going to get it checked just to be sure. I think it is probably just extra fluids and not actually amniotic fluid but better to be safe than sorry!
I expect to have mine 3 weeks early :) Since all 5 of mine have been three weeks early ( 36 5, 36 6, 36 6, 37, 37) I figure I have a good control group study ;)
Is anyone else feeling very very tired? By the time 2 or 3 rolls around I need a nap! It is tricky with 5 other kids who are homeschooled so really not alot of napping for me ;) I begged my 18 month old to nap today but it wasn't happening so I drank a VERY large cup of tea and then 15 minutes later he fell asleep but I was then too awake after the tea! Was wishing  I could have more afternoon naps! I am going to sleep by 9:30 and waking up at 6am with ALOT of night...
I always look small for how far along I am and compared to others. I "think" I have a long body and I hid babies well in there cause they aren't small when they come out!  
My 5 were all born at 37 weeks labors were fairly similar in length etc though a few my water broke first a few not until transition and two were induced due to high bp. But all in all fairly similar :)  
had my 34 week check up today, BP was great, heartbeat was in the 140s and baby is very very low and engaged.. Next week is my home visit and they are checking me now once a week cause of past BP issues.. All 5 were born at 37 weeks or just before so not long now I am sure!!
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