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We do many of the sustainable home things but I was definitely motivated by the sustainable learning ideas and would love to get my kids into letter writing. 
I currently practice in Iowa (independent practitioner required to follow ACNM standards with no collaborative requirement), South Dakota (independent practitioner with some legislated standards and collaborative requirement waived if attending home birth), and Minnesota (independent practitioner with some legislated standards and no collaborative requirement). I am also on the border of Nebraska which requires collaboration, mandates standards, and legally forbids CNMs...
This is what I use - http://www.devonsuperstore.com/PC-66-Handheld-Pulse-Oximeter-Plus-1-Infant-1-Child-Probe-P146.aspx Can use it for mom or baby if needed and can do CHD screen at PP home visit. 
DD will be 3 next month and DS is 3 months. DD nurses typically when waking, before nap, and before bed. I started with oversupply issues. DS would gulp/gag and then open his mouth to dump tons of milk back out at me. I went to block feeding DS switching him sides after DD nursed and emptied a breast. I thought things were leveling out but they seem to be getting worse. DD has decreased the time she is latched but still just mainly those 3 nursing times. DS continues to...
Confused about your question ... are you asking if people have had Medicaid pay the midwife fee or if they will pay for the birth kit and supplies? I guess the amount is what's confusing me. Medicaid will pay for a midwife if she is able to bill them. They will not pay for the birth kit or supplies that I have found but what I am thinking about is usually less than $100. PM me if you want or have other questions. 
Hi everyone. I have been lurking a lot (typically while naking so limited responses). We are planning a home birth. DS was born at a birth center. DD was born at "home" (my parents home as we had just moved back to town a week before she arrived). I am so looking forward to having a birth in our own home, in our own space. We haven't started getting anything ready for the birth yet at this point but I have pretty much everything we will need around anyway so it doesn't...
Northwest Iowa 
Your first pregnancy is one of the best times to have a midwife (I'll admit I am biased and think they can be great at anytime too) because it is all new. There is so much to learn and while much of that may come from your own drive to learn, having a midwife gives you the opportunity to have someone who is willing to take the time to explain things, provide education, and truly equip you to make decisions, not just tell you what is going to happen to you regardless of...
Yes Medicaid will pay CNMs for a homebirth. I have been reimbursed multiple times. CPMs are not currently licensed in Iowa so I would guess it would not reimburse for them but I have no personal experience with that. Hope you find what you are looking for! 
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