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Cutting back snacks is a big help for us. The kids are much hungrier at meal times. It is a challenge to wean them off it if it is a habit. When they do snack, I try to limit it to raw fruits and veggies. "French Kids Eat Everything" has some interesting insight into our food culture and how different it is from how the French approach food.
My DD sounds similar. I let her sit on the counter while I cook or put her in the kitchen sink. I have to be really close to keep her safe but she likes to be more of a part of things and nibble on food or play with measuring spoons etc.
These are all very stimulating and thoughtful responses. I appreciate the time people put into their posts on this thread. For me, in addition to the things I need to do (cook, clean, garden, laundry etc.), I want my children to be literate and enjoy reading (not a part of CC, but we spend lots of time reading books, and of course this will carry on to other learning such as numeracy), and to be outside and explore and enjoy nature (very CC in my mind, but has to be...
It doesn't always happen, but it works best for us if my younger one naps on her own. It gives a chance to have some time along with the older child where we can do different things. Also the one-on-one time seems to help the older child adjust. Perhaps not cc advice, but it seems to work for us.
I went to a "Coyote Mentoring" workshop about helping ourselves and kids observe and be in nature. It seemed like such a natural extension of CC.
My only other tidbit to add is that having some distraction or entertainment on the potty makes a world of difference for us. My DD loves books and we always look at a couple of her favorites while she sits on the potty.
My DD really needs some form of distraction and reading books is what works for us. It may be a different form of distraction for you, or maybe she'd like to sit on the toilet or have her potty outside or something. I find it much easier not to have diapers on, but really I'm not sure if it makes a difference for DD, I just find it easier to respond and keep track of her timing.
I really like Scott Noelle's article and his philosophy in general which integrates CC into the reality of our culture here and now.
My kids are similar ages but I did EC my 2.5 year old DS (he's graduated, except for night time). They're both in bed with me. DS usually stirs when he needs to pee. I don't know if it helps but I use a pee bottle (old plastic juice bottle with a wider opening) and sit him in my lap in bed to pee at night. At least it saves a trip... You could try cue noises with him, it might help, esp. when he's half asleep at night.
Nice to hear from someone else in the same boat! Hope someone else will chime in too.
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