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I struggle with this. On one hand, my son has not seen or heard from his bio-dad in over 2 years. He will probably never pay what he owes me. It obviously doesn't bother him he's abandoned his only child. On the other hand, why should I let him run away from his responsibilities? Why doesn't my son get what he deserves? But I met with an attorney and I will be trying to terminate his rights. I just hope that doesn't provoke a response and an attempt to come back into my...
Fabulous weather here so DH grilled. Flank steak and asparagus / zucchini / mushrooms / peppers / sweet potatoes. I made chimichurri sauce and a anchovy / garlic / caper sauce for the veggies. Lemon mousse for dessert.
I'm not in TN either. But I agree, file a child support enforcement case with whatever agency they have there. In my case, my XH lived in a different state so my state had to transfer the case to his state. Surprisingly, his state moved quickly with no effort from me. I still haven't gotten anything because he probably doesn't keep a job long enough for garnishment. But he will be in a huge amount of legal troubles when he's caught. If you're not in the "system" nothing...
Spaghetti with roasted cauliflower and tomato sauce.
One of the more interesting stories I ever heard was from a co-worker.  She said when her parents got divorced, they walked hand in hand together into the courtroom.  They just figured they were better off as friends.  They both re-married and all were cordial, if not friendly.  I think they all lived fairly close to each other as well (like within blocks).
When DD was a few months old, FIL asked when I was going to stop BFing and switch to formula. Not in a nasty way; more like an honest question. I looked at DH for help and he replied, "Hopefully, never!" FIL's response was something like "I'm not used to these new ways of doing things." Right...because BFing is this new invention that all the cool kids are doing these days. ;-)
Leftover butternut squash and chickpea curry with naan and brown rice.
They did the hearing test in the room at my hospital. Took maybe 5 minutes. As a PP mentioned, I'd rather know sooner rather than later if there was a hearing issue at birth to use as a baseline.
There was an event at DS' school so we tried a new Korean burger place that opened up near us. I'm not a big meat eater, but wasn't hungry enough to order their veggie burger. So we ordered three different burgers for the four of us to share with three sides (french fries, lotus chips, and sweet potato chips). Deliciously juicy and flavorful! We will be going back.......
 I have to say, it was totally delish!  I splurged and got the "no chicken" chicken broth for the recipe (instead of using my usual veggie broth for everything) and it was totally worth it.  
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