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Is there a berry picking farm around the Iowa City area? I know about Wilson's for apples-just looking for some bluberries (any type of berries really). Thanks!
already so many great suggestions! On a platter I would like to see: ~ fresh fruit (strawberries, cherries, pineapple) ~bean dip with tortilla chips/and or fresh veggies ~butter on homemade bread (honey too) ~kebabs (meat, peppers, onions) ~cheese and crackers ~fruit bars (lemon bars, or perhaps cherry ones-dessert) ~to drink, herbal iced tea with lemon and mint, mildly sweetened (typing all of this out is making me hungry)
Hi all! Just wondering about Salisbury Maryland-is it a family friendly place? How is the local food scene-farmers markets, food co-ops, so forth. Are the public schools well funded, good reputation? How is the crime in the area? I know alot of questions, but we may be moving to the area next year (won't really be sure though about the move until the end of this summer). Just thought I'd find out beforehand. Thanks
As if I don't already spend too much time on the computer (but I am learning, right?) I have just found some great links for traditional food eaters (some of you are probably already familiar with them). http://realfoodmedia.com/ and on flickr there is a photo group for native nutrition- http://www.flickr.com/groups/native-nutrition/
yeah, I got kinda excited about this film when I heard that Micheal Pollan was involved-knowing how he has been such a firm advocate in the real food movement.
thanks for the reply gottaknit! We were able to visit about a month ago, and I was so impressed by the friendliness of the people and the beauty of the area (really it made such a positive impression on me). Relocation is up in the air for a moment, we are still looking at options-but from what I can see I really like this area (our visit was for a weekend only). Diversity is still a concern (especially I think for the kids) but an area that is accepting is definitely a...
Just saw this today looks very interesting, can't wait to see the whole thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqQVll-MP3I
Hi all just a question here-my family (we are African-American) may be relocating to Corvallis soon, just wondering about the diversity of this city, openess to different races, and so forth. I've been reading various things on line about Oregon and race relations, and most of it is kinda depressing. Any insight, thoughts, suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance, Nikki
I haven't made kefir in a long while so yesterday I finally brought out the kefir grains and made some lemonade and juice kefir (the grains are a little sluggish from lack of use, hopefully it will work out-I'll just let the "brew" sit out a bit longer. Other things to do: *make no knead bread *plant out okra (thats tf right) *make more kefir *take some bee pollen *get regular with my cod liver oil *get some fresh good fruit *soak some beans *get some sun
You know I think its just about making the best choices of the things you have available. For instance there are some things that I like to buy organic (mostly things listed in the dirty dozen group), I do try to buy those things organic if possible-just because of the pesticide residue,etc. Other things I purchase may or may not be organic (and I do purchase things from the grocery store, but during spring, summer, early fall I shop the farmers market. I do buy...
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