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You revived this thread at a perfect time! I'm really loving our little family today . DS will be two in a couple of months, and it seems like everyone in our parenting-friends circle is having a second (or just did, or are talking about it...). I'm starting to wonder how the dynamics are going to change with some of our friends. Since DS was born, we've spent a lot of time with other mom/toddler pairs where we're all very much going through the same developmental...
We have and love the Phil & Ted for at home. Haven't traveled with it, but I'll echo what leanbh said-- it's very picky about what tables it will fit on so may not be great for restaurants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Megamus Well, today is a day I am VERY grateful that I only have one kid. I've got a hideous chest cold and I'm generally feeling like death warmed over. Having one toddler in this situation is hard enough. Any more children would be exponentially worse. Ugh. That sucks, Megamus. Hope you're feeling better soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly_mommy I haven't tried these Soft Star boots yet but others that have gave them great reviews and they sound like what you described. I am going to be ordering a pair for DS in a few weeks. Can't speak for the boots, but my son and I both have Soft Start shoes (yes, they make adult sizes!) and we like them a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by AngeliqueW Tell me I'm not crazy, selfish or lazy. You're not! I just got my period back at 15 3/4 months, and I totally understand the fear of ovulating . We've been using condoms, but even with that I'm so scared every time we have sex that we'll get pregnant. We've talked about hormonal BC, IUD, vasectomy, and we have reasons to avoid all of them, so for now it's condoms and paranoia. Not exactly the recipe for...
I miss you mamas! How's everyone been doing? Anyone's start kindergarten or preschool recently? Any other big events? How did it go? My LO is 16 months old, and we go to the park every week with a group of kids the same age (actually not our group-- we joined up by accident!) and suddenly *everyone* is announcing that they're expecting number two. I thought I would feel pressured by it, but you know what? I feel relieved. I know not everyone here has an...
My 16 month old usually falls asleep between 8 and 8:30, wakes up a few times a night but goes back fairly easily. He's usually awake for the day some time between 4:45 and 7, but we all stay in bed or in the room until 7 (he's not a huge fan of this some days, but I do think it's helped him sleep later at times). He takes one nap most days, ranging from 30-90 minutes. So, a bit more sleep than your LO but not much.
Thanks everyone. I've signed up! I'm a bit nervous to leave him for so long, but I think the workshop going to be lots of fun. Woo hoo!
Has anyone done this? My guy still nurses every hour or two during the day, though he does long stretches without at night. I'd like to take a running workshop next month (so DS will be 1yo) that goes from 8:30am to 1pm. It's a Saturday, so his dad will be home. He eats plenty of food, so it's not like he'll get hungry. Do you think he'll be ok without nursing for that long? I've never left him for more than 2 hours, so I don't know what to expect. Will I get...
It's recommended for ages three and up, but I've heard lots of people say 18months was a good age. When did your LO start using the Learning Tower? Did he/she enjoy it? Thanks!
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