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  This is exactly how I felt for the first 2-3 weeks of my pregnancy - I, too, had low HCG for my dates (I was wrong - I was trying to stop trying, so I missed O) and a bleed a bit, and my numbers weren't exactly reassuring.    Do what you need to do to protect your heart, that's what I think.  My husband, on the other hand, might say what he said to me... you are pregnant today - enjoy that!  (I could never take that advise, and instead built high, thick walls around my...
Hi Shiloh- I am stalking, waiting for someone's comment - I have a MW appointment tomorrow at 11 weeks exactly, and I am really hoping we can hear it... I will report back!
I have a theory that my HCG levels are just on the lower end - I have tested fairly late, and this pregnancy started with an HCG of 25!  But it kept doubling... There is a range for a reason - the important part is the doubling... Also, I still take wondfros (or internet cheapies), as I have them - and sometimes they are light - it seems to depend more on the time of day as well as the concentration of my pee.
YES! RCR!!!!! I am so thrilled that we finally made it through this crazy infertility journey with you! I am not prone to posting graphics, but this is worth it!       FYI, I have been interviewing other mothers with 2 kids, big gaps, same parents and they all think it's totally awesome...
October 15, #2 (Iam feeling a wee bit more confident now that I'm 10 weeks and nearly lost my breakfast...)   ETA: Oops, you had me!  My EDD has changed, I looked in the wrong place!     Thanks Serenyd!
We used a diaper service (ie, prefolds with our own covers) for the first few months of our daughters life, then I moved onto fitted and covers - I found all-in-ones to be less reliable, often.. I LOVED thirsties fitted and covers - I sold a bunch of my diapers, as I didn't think I could have another - in a week, after I heart the heartbeat, I will go through my stash and see what we have left... It will be fun to resupply!
Oh, I am so sorry you are having this!   You have called you midwife/ob?   My midwife say that blood is fine, cramps are fine - but that both together aren't a good sign.  Not that it never ends up good, but that together they may indicate miscarriage might be happening.   I really hope that's not the case for you.
Guppy- Glad you got your meds upped!  How was your ultrasound?  I see you are in the Oct. DDC... I joined, but then have been scared to really go there...     I have been begging the universe for morning sickness... I want to feel this baby, I want to know it's gonna stick.  I have it a little bit, just not as strong as I'd like... (Yes, I recognize this could be the case of 'be careful what you wish for...)
rcr!!!! So happy to hear from you! For a while - when MDC had become too much for me (which it was until this one-in-a-million chance happening...) I would come by just to check on you!  So, I stalked you a little bit... I wish you had your baby already...   Hi everyone else!   I am a few days over 7 weeks and finally feeling a bit sick.  Hallelujah!  I would happily throw up every day if it meant this embryo will stick... (PLease little embryo, stick!)
Hi LZP! And I remember you!   I just came from the radiology department, with pictures and a fetal heartbeat of 104!!!  This makes me feel so much better.  Seriously, so much better... I get to let go and imagine what this could be like.
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