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Taking clomid after a couple of months is VERY VERY VERY premature.   Take a few breaths, enjoy it, and if 6 months go by, or a year, THEN go see someone about clomid.   It is likely that you are normally fertile, and a couple of months is NOTHING.
Jane!!!   My insurance covers infertility DIAGNOSIS, but not treatment... They wouldn't pay/subsidize clomid, but they do progesterone.... hmmm
I am set to take femara this upcoming cycle.  It is pretty expensive, but on the website, I found this ... A coupon for 30 day supply for $10.  If you could get your RE to prescribe it one way on the bottle and one way directly to you..   Has anyone done this?    
Weekend Wrap-Up Name: Jenger Age: 36 on Monday the 7th TTC #: 2 CD: 30 DPO (if applicable): 14 Testing: Negative Trying Since: August 2009 Plan for this Cycle: Well, I did clomid challange test, and next time (Next week, probably) I will try femara Link to Chart (if applicable): Here Thoughts: I am pretty bummed, as my hope were up with the clomid.  It would have really made things easier... And I would save a lot of money.    
Ahhh, you all are so sweet!   miriam, you might miss me... but i read your blog, so i am keeping up....   i started a ttc/infertility blog too.  it's just not really ready for people to read it yet.   rcr - i am still pissed you FREAKING IVF didn't work.   This is what gets me.  Apparently "secondary infertility' is more common than primary, but no one gives it the time of day.  I have had 2  (actually, 3 if I can count my nurse practitioner) doctors more or less...
Hi Ladies-   It's been a long, long while.   I have been mostly going to the infertility zone mostly for Sweet.Bee's reasons...   I just can't look.  When I do, I occasionally click on threads that are bad for me.    But here's the thing.  I need a little more support right now.  The infertility one is slow.    I got a bfn this morning, 13dpo.  I had hope, as I took clomid this round.  I am dying, and not sure how to get back on with life.     Oh, rcr - I am so sorry to...
Sure thing!
zanelee-  Do you know you TSH #?  I went to a general practitioner how said I was OK, with a TSH of 4, but when I went to a naturapath who specialized in hormonal balance, he said the new normal rang (decided by endocrinologist in 2002) is 0.5 to 2 or 2.5.  Studies show that close to 1, or between one and 2, is ideal for conception...  Then there are other thyroid issue that aren't apparent with a TSH blood test...  If you haven't seen it, this is a good website -...
Hi Ladies!   I hope things are well out there in infertility-land.  I am thinking of you ladies...   Weekend Wrap-Up Name: Jenger Age:35 for 2 more weeks TTC #:2 CD:17 DPO (if applicable): Zero! (Ovulation day!) Testing: I'm not a big tester, but if I am feeling like it is possible, maybe 13 or 14 dpo Trying Since:August 2009 Plan for this Cycle:Well, I had all of my ovarian reserve tests this month - antral follicle count was good, fsh, lh and estrodial...
Thanks so much, LeslieSara!   I made it through the Clomid yesterday, and I am a wreck.  Emotionally.  I don't think I had hot flashes, but I am pretty convinced that it worked...  I started feeling it on the 3rd day.
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