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      No.  You totally missed the point, to be honest.  Who would say that, even?   I'm not talking about asking others what I'm worth.   I'm talking about valuing others and not thinking of the self, giving up, to some extent, on introspection, period.   I dunno... I'm thinking zen, one with the Cosmos, universal love, brotherhood of man, "It's not about YOU", and all that.  Perhaps Rumi said it best:       God, Cosmos, Love, the Universe, the Greater Good, whatevs.
Oh, this is true.  I should have been specific.  I mean really active play could raise the core temperature.  Just sitting outdoors resting would not.  
    I don't see how taking away TV is an appropriate consequence (or books, or toys, or whatever).  It would seem much more reasonable to ask her to do something symbolic each week to pay back the make-up, such as helping wipe the floors after mopping, to contribute to that.  (Depending on the quality of make-up, actually paying for one piece may be unduly harsh for that age... it could take days at minimum wage to pay for Chanel eyeliner, LOL!)  To me, arbitrary...
Aw, thanks!   In the website, it discusses the differences and what I understood was that liberal Quakers take a much more relativist view of scripture, i.e. that's how the Spirit came to us in the west but it's by no means the absolute truth.  In other words, I wouldn't even say that according to the definition I understand (see another thread on here, "Can I be a Christian if...") they are Christians.  Maybe some of them are Christians, but they certainly have room...
      English: always evolving!  
Sorry about your period.  :(  At least you will have already gotten them if you get pregnant later this season and it won't come up.
I just loved this post so much.  I was also wondering, is that one flashlight for each penguin in the camping picture?  LOL!!!   I have not tried to put boots on a stuffed elephant, but I have tried to explain to a 16-month-old that there is nowhere to put doll shoes on a stuffed dolphin, and that was pretty fun, let me tell you.  
I hosted a party and asked everyone about allergies ahead of time and was really sad when two guests didn't tell me about a strawberry allergy... the whole cake was covered in strawberries.  :(
    I think that there is a sub-set of the population--maybe 10 - 20%?  that has significantly different motivations or modus operandi than the rest.  I have two kids that respond well to empathy in certain situations, but not in tantrum-mode.  The first one likes to debate, she likes to keep the interaction alive at all costs.  She's not going to calm down if that means a less intense interaction.  The second is very single-minded and she really does not give a hoot how...
No, that is not helpful, because it comes back to the question of what "three and one of the same thing at the same time" means.   A being is a being is a being.  If each Person is a Hypostasis, then God is also a Hypostasis, non?   I don't see how it could not be discussed on the Internet.  It was discussed by letters in the first place.   And the resolution of the problem of how God could save Himself (which was one reason that three Persons and distinct beings was...
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