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I explained to my son how his grades in 8th impacted his course choices in 9th (and the rest of HS), which impacted his options following HS (includng what colleges he might have a chance of going to), etc. And the let it go. He dropped the ball a bit in 10th, but did tell me in his Senior year that he wished he;d listened to me earlier...
I have to wonder if this child ha an actual parent...... 
But what do we then do about other allergens? In this thread alone, we have peanut, walnut and dairy mentioned. I know people who are allergic to certain fruits, seafood, etc. Should we then ban peanuts, walnuts, all dairy products, fish sticks, certain fruits, etc.? 
Now, wait a minute... We don't have a clue what the daughter's side of the story, whether she lied to her Mom or not. OP was written before Mom had spoken to her. I'd bet this was part of them playing Truth or Dare. Maybe we should see what kiddo had to say before accusing her of all sorts of stuff. (and I tend to be pretty hard on my kids - but only when I have ALL of the info!)
 Mine used to be picked up at 5:50am, and she woke up at about 5:30 (showered night before). I got up at 5. Took the dogs out, made her breakfast and the rest of her meals for the school day (yes, mealS)), got her up and out to the bus. Four years of that. And I miss it now that it's over. 
 Dunno.... my daughter (19 now) has never had a problem being nude in front of me. And vice-versa.  
 Make sure she understand that Word may spell-check, but even their grammar check does not check for context. So she should not rely on it completely. 
I'll admit that I often laugh when I hear a parent say "Oh, I'm SO glad she's seeing a BAND KID/NERD/GEEK! They're such GOOD kids!" Of course they are. BUT.... they are not all that different than other kids! They have the same wants, desires, needs. Really, they do.    Ask a band kid if they would borrow someone else's band blanket. I can guarantee you that the answer would be along the lines of "EEWW NO!" What do you think happens on/under those blankets?    My...
Honestly? Having conversations with her all morning about it seems to me a bit over the top. She knows it freaked you out, and she may well be leery of approaching you regarding sex, etc. as a result. Which is kind of the last thing you want to happen. I thought the "it's normal to be curious" post was a better way to go.
Mine asked me to take her bra shopping well before she needed one, as she wanted to go with me rather than her stepmom (who had indicated that it was time....). No big. We went, had fun, went out to lunch. At 19? She's a C-cup, and an athlete. And prefers to wear a bra of some type. Sports bra for sports and hanging out, a "pretty" bra for going out. I think it's appropriate. 
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