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I love this method: http://www.knittingatknoon.com/provisional.html Watch the little movie! it's so much better than knitting into a crocheted chain! http://www.theshizknit.com/2008/07/t...ovisional.html Here's an easy, no-crochet method for provisional cast on: http://techknitting.blogspot.com/200...ovisional.html The TechKnitter is fantastic. Good luck~!
Hey Mama, way to go!!
You don't do anything fancy. You just turn the work around and work back the way you came. :
You should totally learn the provisional cast on. There are lots of fun provisional cast-ons out there and they are great to know. What did you decide to do?
I've taught a five year old - a really bright and capable little girl - and it was fantastic. I always ask a kid who wants to learn: Can you tie your shoes yet? I teach my entire kindergarten class to finger knit. There's a tutorial on knitty that's pretty cute and that's the technique I use. But one-on-one, I think true knitting is possible!
what fun! nicely done!
Quote: Originally Posted by Knittin' in the Shade I'm pretty sure Pamela's wonder pants at Wooly Wonders is a your-gauge-your-yarn type pattern, where you can plug your gauge in with the yarn you wnat to use and then she walks you through the math Actually it's my perfection pants pattern that is knit to your gauge! But thanks T. : that's a really cute smiley.
I don't mind the rain, it's the dark that makes me glum. Otherwise, we have been extremely happy here. we came from the northeast. I also get a giggle when people say it's "cold" here. Where I live on the eastside you can see geeks in shorts and flip flops walking to work in any kind of weather, year round.
The F and F free soaker and the punk knitter soaker are essentially the same pattern.
I saw you all in the magazine when you were on retreat and I am missing my mod days. Sending you all big hugs! *smooch*
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