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hmmm... maybe email with Theresa and see if you can come up with some idea to try together. then you won't have to worry about yours being a derivative work, you can have a collaboration.
BIKE GURL RIDE HARD hmm... a realtor you say? FIND HOME BIKE HOME RIDE HOME SELL HOMZ SELZ HOMZ I'm tired! I give up! always something funky knitting here: http://community.livejournal.com/punk_knitters/ fun ideas here too: http://knuckletattoos.com/
why not ask in the shop? See if they can restock it. Some stores have a policy about special ordering, and some don't care.
Just make sure you have enough diaper underneath, and your knit fabric is fairly tight.
Or you know any slinging mamas there? I bought a ring sling (taylor made, silk) for my Aunt-in-Law and she needs some help getting adjusted. Anyone know? Is there a NINO chapter or anything? Or do the mamas there all carry their babies in their gun racks. Har har, just kidding. Contact me directly at pamelamama at gmail!! Thanks!
I really enjoyed this discussion of creativity and originality on the knittyblog. The Girl From Auntie's site was also referenced here -- I find her discussion of the issues very compelling as well. I've never seen this sort of copyright discussion go on in a forum for this many posts without getting ugly. I say kudos.
http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/PATTtopi.html That one?
I still have an embarrassingly huge stash of the old stuff.
did you wind up taking out more than just the salicylates? did you take out dairy and wheat too?? researching!
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