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http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTwheelie.html Back when Eli still had his long hair! *sniff*
Quote: Originally Posted by ZeldasMom Congratulations Pamelamama!!!!! I have been MDCing less lately and thought it was very cool to see you published on Knitty. Way to go Mama! Thanks! That was my second one in knitty! *so excited*
Thanks gals! It's the summer theme issue "Cover Your Extremities" Last summer: "Sex and the KNitty" apparently, though, this is the last theme issue. subsequent summer issues will feature, ah... summer stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ms. Mom Hi Pammy, I was knitting a purse today to felt. It's actually not black, nor does it have a skull! It's the prettiest lavendar wool with cool flecks of green blue and other pretty colors - should look amazing when felted. Does anyone know if it's ok to felt something with cable stitches? I put some really cool cable stitching in it and I'm afraind it won't felt well. Jaque-e-poo:...
like so? http://www.geocities.com/jbtocker/pa.../knitkipp.html for a baby kippah?
welcome to the crafty corner! now siddown and learn to knit y'all!
knit or crochet?
We've got two wonderful new mod mamas coming into this forum. I'm going back to work in September gals, so it's time for me to step down. I'll be helping out this summer and then ... off I go! *sniff sniff* Welcome lisamarie and lilylove!!
Oh, that's right it was Blu, not the cargo ones. Doh. The wonderpants have pockets and are bulky like cargo pants, yeah. But, not free like Cargo and Blu!
yep, or add some short rows in the back, that should do. I think abigailvr did these for her cd'd baby. lemme see if she's around.
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