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you should be proud!!
amy, you got it? If not I can send you a photo illustration, just lMK.
I dont think you need 50 posts for vaccination forum, Dr. Gene.
So, you're a pediatrician? How long have you been in practice?
Yes, because it's not based on a simple tube, which is what many of the other soaker patterns are and a lot of the pants. These use shaping and extra height in the back. F&F is based on the flat triangle pattern which automatically makes for a very roomy backside. It's got the "front loading" leg holes. In a tube-style pattern such as your LTK or your Curly Purly, the leg holes are at the bottom, and the shaping is necessary. Those are more slim fitting, more...
I really really do NOT think you need short rows on that pattern!! JMHO!
hee hee
you do them on circs. did you join pattern support?
xanga has a new feature where members can choose to 'lock out' people who are not logged into xanga.
well, are you familiar with gussets in gansey sweaters or mitten/glove thumbs? if you know how to do a gusset, and you can think it through, you can write yourself a pattern!
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