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I made this by working entrelac in the round and then seaming up the cast off edge for the star on the bottom. Start with the instructions here: http://www.dimbleby.net/knitting/myp...s1/socks1.html to understand entrelac in the round! Good luck!
have you looked in the resources subforum!?
Hoooooray for the FAMILY!!
Jesse, in my experience, "hard of hearing" is not a loaded word the way "hearing impaired" is. I would call Violet "hard of hearing" not Deaf, because she's not an ASL signer/culturally deaf. It's funny in a Deaf culture class I took, we talked about how the expression "REALLY hard of hearing" meant opposite things to hearing and Deaf people. If a hearing person says, "She's ReALLY hoh" that means she's like, not hearing very much, like deaf. If a Deaf person...
$75 is a deal!!!
going in an hour or so with no bids! http://www.wahmchicks.com/auctiondetails.php?id=910/ I'm not fluffy enough to qualify, besides the fact that i have no babies to wear at this stage But still. I was thinking about it for a few seconds there. A good few minutes of consideration. It's a sickness, this mad desire!
lots of mamas learn to knit just to make soakers! You should definitely make your own!
that's just adorable.
I"ve always admired the Studio Knits stuff!
knittinghelp.com has great resources!
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