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Geo - Yes!  Emily has been having a pretty big cognitive leap, and we have definitely see things lagging in other areas (losing all manner of things, including track of conversations, being much more the absent minded professor, cluttered, messy areas).  I'm waiting for her to come back to herself!  She's usually the family finder of things, and we have several missing items that I NEED her for! LOL. 
I am very goal oriented.  So, for me, I will sign up for a race, join a class, or start a training schedule that has a definite conclusion.  It is much easier for me to stay focused this way.
Reading along.  Enchanted by the dingo meetup.  It's always magical hearing about one.    RR: 17 miles today!  4 with DH (who was kind of gimpy and we walked most of it, rather than injure him), 5 with my 9 year old, 4 with the dog, and the rest on my own!  It was beautiful weather, sunny and dry roads.  I'm so glad I waited and didn't try to tough it out on Friday.  31 miles for the week!
Congrats, Sparkle on the TA gig!  I know how even just a little thing can totally change your perspective on self.  My little mall job was not a huge money maker and it didn't carry any benefits, but it had a good impact on me.    Lofty - I hope they get to the bottom of your cycles.  And I'm glad the scary stuff has already been eliminated.   Mamajb and Plady - Have a great time!!!!  I'm so jealous!   RR: Well, we got the promised snow, and I just don't have...
Ok, not a real fan of the puking, but I think the premise of shorter, more intense workouts is a philosophy that I could get behind.  I do, however, agree with the mental benefits of being able to just head out and run.   On that note, 7x800 repeats on the mill, for a total of 5.75 miles.  Tri class tonight.  10 minute swim timed trial, followed by a bike timed trial.  I guess it's a day for speedwork!
Sparkle - Do you think you could find that article about the crossfit?  I would be interested in that as a strategy and I have a good friend who would as well.    Jo - I had to laugh at the crazy extremes of the skills that kids demonstrate at any given time.  My kids do that ALL the time.  I really try to document their brilliances thoroughly, so I can be sure I wasn't making it up when they do something on the other side of things.  And also on the hearing of...
Quick run by to report 8 dreadful miles on the treadmill.  It was so cold, windy and icy outside today that this was preferable.  Why do I dread these mid-length runs more than the long runs?
1000 yards is pretty decent for 30 minutes.  I am not a very fast swimmer (we probably get around 1200-1500 in the 30 minutes we have during tri class in the pool).  I worked my stamina up by really just trying to do gradually increasing my continuous swimming.  I started with a lap (sounds like you are further than that), take a break (about 15ish seconds), and would repeat.  Next swim, I would do 2 laps, and so forth.  I had a little break through around 6-7 laps. ...
This is a journey. I still struggle with emotional eating.  It took a long time for me to find different ways to nurture myself that didn't involve calories.  My suggestion would be to not try to tackle the BIG thing all at once.  You said that you really feel like you need to have some cookies in the evening.  I get that.  When the kids finally started sleeping better at night, I would sit down with my husband at the end of the day and have a snack.  A sort of reward...
Lisa - The same thing happened with my 305.  I finally gave up, and DH got me the 910XT for my birthday present.  I love it.
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