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Posting for a friend - What are the birth options in North Charleston and around Moncks Corner?  She's mostly interested in natural birth supportive OBs/CNMs and doula recommendations.   Thanks!
I'm still here - I haven't posted regularly since the 1st trimester though.  The computer screen made me nauseous.    I was due on the 11th.  Still waiting.  Had a post dates ultrasound yesterday.  Everything looks great and we're okay to wait it out until 41w6d (when the homebirth midwife can no longer attend my birth) for an induction.  Hoping it happens soon...  I've had no labor signs so far.
Mary Anne Richardson from Tender Beginnings Midwifery is a WONDERFUL midwife.  She will be attending the birth of our 3rd little one due in July.    For doctors we go to Cool Springs Family Medicine.  They are awesome, very natural friendly, and just a great family practice.   We live in Nashville, but the 20-30 min. drive to the Franklin area for both the midwife and the doctor are more than worth it.   For parenting groups, there is a very active API group...
Put us down for a GIRL!  Our third   We weren't planning on checking, but husband changed his mind last minute! 
This is our 3rd and last biological child.  I don't feel sad about it though - I thought our 2nd was our last and did all my grieving then.  I didn't feel like we were done at two children, I felt like we were meant to have at least one more.  My husband though was very set on just two.  After 3ish years though, and lots of talking, he came around to trying for a 3rd since I felt so strongly about it.    With this pregnancy, I feel very much like this is our last and...
My youngest daughter is Gretchen!  It is an awesome name!!  We generally use the name Gretchen, but if we're in a nickname mood, we will call her anything from G, Gigi, Gretch, Gretchers, Gretchie, Gretchkin (which is an actual nickname for Gretchen, according to a German ultrasound tech.  But she did point out that Gretchen itself is a nickname of Margaret).      Name Picks: We've had our names picked out since before we knew were expecting this little one!  If it's a...
I had one at 8 weeks for accurate dating at the suggestion of my midwife.  I have long cycles and short luteal phases.  Never had any ultrasounds with my other two.  But I have a history of going at least 14 days "overdue" and my midwife wanted to give me the best chance of being able to use her services.  She can only do a homebirth until 41w6d.  If we determined due date by LMP, I'd get a date of July 2nd.  The ultrasound gave me a date of July 8th, so I gained 6 days :D
Wow!  Great work!  I have an update for mine - early ultrasound for dating purposes moved due date to July 8th and we've settled on another homebirth.
Haven't been on in a while - I wanted to check everyone's updates though!   I am sick, sick, sick - being on my computer even makes me feel ill.  Evenings are the worst.   Re: pregnancy in your 30's being different than your 20's - I've heard that too and so far it's true for me.  I was 24 and 26 when I had my girls.  And it was sooooo much easier based on my (probably totally skewed) memories.  I don't remember ever feeling so tired and achy when I was pregnant...
My family moved around fairly often growing up.  I was born in TN, then lived in GA, IA, CO, and NC.  Also spent several years in FL and SC for college.  I met and married my husband in NC and our first two were born there.  We just moved to TN this past Feb.  Love it here - we're in an awesome city, but also not far from great hiking and natural areas.
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