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I would be interested to know how/when you all made the call that it was "time" (for the hospital, or the midwife or whatever) in past births.  With both of my first two, everything was manageable until it suddenly definitely wasn't, and we headed into the hospital.  I had a strong feeling that I needed to be there (because I was not planning to birth at home, and did not have  labor attendent there).  With the first I arrived at 8 cm dialated and baby was born 4 hours...
Love it!   Walnuts in your brownies.
Katherine L?
We're out in the suburbs, so the metro area, but not the city.  Not sure if anyone else in this DDC is in the area.
Theodore U?
Hate it Chorizo
I'm gonna say boys, since that is the hand fate has dealt us!   Would you rather go camping or stay in a fancy hotel?
Hip pain- the worst.  I have been dealing with hip/pelvic etc pain for what seems like forever here.  I think the chiro is helping a little, but I had to give her some feedback, the first few times I noticed no difference, and once she stopped adjusted the front of my pelvis, it was much better.  I don't know why that would be, but...  I have been taking warm baths with epsom salts before bed and I think that helps my muscles relax a little.  I don't know that it actually...
This is a great thread!  I have not been on mothering much this week, for whatever reasons, so here is my intro: I am Courtney, 32. EDD: 12/10 (ish).  I have two older children, DD, age 4 and DS age 2.  We live in eastern MA which I absolutely adore until right around when the clocks change in November, too much dark and cold for me!   My husband is a tech geek, and I bounced around from field to field (Math, psyche, early childhood education, taught preschool, nannied)...
New Posts  All Forums: