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rnchrista, of course  you are right and I think I knew that when I posed the question. And don't you know, the birth did happen in the middle of another storm??? I was able to get to mom's house safely; transport to a closer hospital was the ultimate outcome. Down the road, I will in fact not take clients in January/February.    Thanks for politely reminding me of what I think I already knew. :)
I am set to provide support for a mom due any minute....we are expecting a major snowstorm today...this is a pro bono birth for my cert. hospital is 20 miles from both of us....I have a paying job that supports my family. I am terrified of driving in a storm. Would appreciate your advice, but may I ask you please not to put me down for my concerns. Thanks...
Thanks for your assistance. As a matter of fact, I just logged on to delete the ad as I picked Volume 1 on Amazon for $10.00. I now have a complete collection of my cherished Mothering!! Lucky me. Thanks again for your help!   Janet
and my collection is complete. I am willing to pay $50 for it.   I also help another collector who needs 15 and 16.   Please reply only if you are serious about selling. 
Any of you folks familiar with a Canadian magazine called "Nurturing"? It appears to be very similar to "Mothering". I rec'd a copy in an ebay purchase and loved it. Anyone have any old issues they'd be williing to part with - or know anyone who does?   Janet
pre-2008 issues of LLL's New Beginnings or Leaven mags. There seems to be little movement in the Trading Post. PM me please if you have anything....thanks.....
The asking price INCLUDES shipping.   This is a lot of 16 magazines; original prices ranged from $3 to $11. It includes:   1 - Birth 'n Babies - Issue 3, 2013 - New   3 - Compleat Mother - Winter 1992, Spring 1993, Fall 1993. Winter 1992 is somewhat yellowed and has a  3-hole punch but is otherwise intact and readable; other 2 issues in good condition   3 - Midwifery Today magazines - #'s 95, 96, 97 - Autumn 2012, Winter 2010/11, Spring 2011 - all in near...
41! I was married for 8 years and we had  postponed childbearing for life-impacting other reasons. When I had my first, it was unplanned, but definitely not unwanted - and as it turned out, he came at exactly the right time! And P.S. - I had my 2nd at 44!!
I'm looking for any of La Leche League's New Beginnings or Leaven (leaders) magazines from 2008 and earlier......would pay $2 each plus shipping.   Thanks.........Janet
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