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I thought there was no way we were doing 5 hours of "school" everyday but when you break it down and include ALL forms of learning, even if it isn't formal lessons, it easily adds up to 5 hours.  I don't have to log our hours, but I do try to make sure we're putting a consistent amount of time toward schooling.  So every once in a while I break down a day and see what we've done and how much time we've spent on it.  I include that 30 minutes I read aloud to DS before...
Hi!  My DD suffered a severe brain injury due to lack of oxygen at birth.    Phenobarb can makes kids sleepy and from what I've heard hinder their development a little.  But it's the go-to med for little ones with seizures at birth it seems.  They'll likely keep her on it for 6 months to a year and if she's not showing signs of seizure activity, slowly wean her off (my DD had more seizures and was on phenobarb for about 18 months I think?).  I was concerned about it...
My DS seemed to take a longer time than most to "get" his numbers too.  He couldn't even count to 5 until he was over 4 years old.  We finally got to 14 when he was 5.  He skipped 15 for the longest time.  After he got to 20 it was smooth sailing.  He was SO excited when he finally learned to count to 100!  Now, even when he counted to 100, he still couldn't figure out how the numbers read!  The teens tripped him up until he was almost 6.  He DID finally get it and when...
I'm in pataskala, which is about 20 min east of columbus.  Just thought I'd pop in and say hi!  My son is 6 1/2 and my daughter is about to turn 4.  I work, so there's not a TON of time for playdates.  I wouldn't mind meeting a few new people though.  Bethany, I lived in newark up until about 10 months ago.  You don't look at all familiar though it seems we might have some common acquaintances.  I used to run with the crunchy crowd in newark. LOL
Bolded. :)  
Well if the only clutter you have is organized in closets, it's not going to feel much different if you get rid of it!  But like the pp said, if the stuff is out in the open, covering floor space and counter space, you'll be able to have a cleaner house by getting rid of it.
He'll likely need a booster.  You can get one for as little as $13.50 at walmart.  You may want to convince his parents to continue using it in their car.
DS is 6 1/2 and still struggling.  He has a better grasp on it now than he did a year ago but it still hasn't "clicked" yet.
I think, like the pp said, he's sucked into the newness of it and it's fun.  Maybe suggest he donate some of the items to a food pantry.  And keep a few things for "treats".
yup, you really truly can!  The true fit is actually one of the better ones for newborn fit.  Can you tell us what you didn't like about the fit with your other child?  I took my DD home from the NICU in an evenflo triumph advance when she was 11lbs.  Pic.   Sometimes they look like they are swimming in the seat but as long as you can get the straps snug enough, the bottom slots are at least at or below their shoulder, and they meet the minimum weight requirement,...
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