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thanks that is very close to what i'm looking for :) no i don't have microsorft word. my computer came with microsoft works and the 2 aren't compatible it seems.   thanks Pollyanna
got that one too but couldn't downoad it :( i saved it as a picture but have no idea if it will print well that way. i was hoping for an adobe download if posible.
my son is taking tae kwon do, and they give incentives to school kids for good report cards. They know i homeschool but said i can make up a report card for him so he can also get the same rewards as the others. does anyone here know where i can download a blank template of reportcards for elementry age kids. :)   thanks for steering me into the right direction. Pollyanna
i also think the school kids are just glad to be out of the classroom. I remember from when i was in school feild trips were more fun because we didn't have to stay in our seats all day. :)
thanks i will try it i like the fact you can make them any flavor. unlike buying them yo are limited to what the company makes. this will be fun
hi i was wondering how to make those homemade pop tarts. My son likes them and i just hate spending that kind of money on something so unhealty. thanks pollyanna
thanks guys i have been trying hard. And it is hard to break that cycle of spending on credit. I started following a blog that has helped me a bit 'the simple dollar'. and when i need help staying on track i just read a bit and it keeps me focased on what i want to acomplish. I still don't have the emergancy fund i want but i can pay my bills and i'm training to become a manager at work to get a better pay rate. trekkingirl i live in a small moble home has 2 bedrooms...
i have been in trying to cut expenses since last sept. got a second job to start the process. i moved twice and am now paying 140 dollars less in rent. and i'm closer to work so have cut my gas expense in half also. list my big bills car payment still own $3700 on it paying 240/m but both car payment and rent due same check so they allow mw to split my car payment between my 2 cks a month. and on my 3ck monthes i make an extra payment. my other bill is my student...
ok i have a 8yr old son i have been hs'ing. I have been letting him set the pace but he spends the day with my mom while i work and she has been very concerned about his lack of reading. I would like him to read more but want to not ruin it by forcing him to read. does anyone recomend a program that might get him to read a bit more on his own? I was looking at some workbooks on amazon by sylvan for sight words and thought they might be nice my son could do a page or 2...
ok so i started a garden this yr. I forgot to save the seed packets well i have summer squash coming up and not too sure when to pick them as i have never grown them before. I planted the squash for my mom who loves them. right now the squash is about 4 inches long but how long do they need to be before picking them? i just threw this garden together this yr my mom told me i can have a garden a week before most stuff needed to be in the ground i still think i might...
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