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Quote: Originally Posted by riverscout I voted "other" because I don't like the word tacky, at least not in this case. Basically, I think a pass for just one family member would seem incomplete at best and could potentially put the parents in a tough spot at worst. Not a great gift IMO. I agree. It's not "tacky" because it really is a thoughtful gift. However many people wouldn't be able to use it. I know we couldn't afford to go out and pay...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirsten A bunch of two and a half year olds need pretty constant supervision. Add a less than one year old to the mix and that only increases the need of adult "help" to make this go well. Whatever he was having a hard time sharing should have been put away. If he is tired and not able to share something well and the other child is MUCH younger and smaller then you have to be right there. If you don't want another adult...
Hi everyone! I'm Stephanie. We are in St. Paul, I think it's called the Crocus Hill area. I have a 6-year-old girl, 3-year-old girl and almost 6-month-old boy.
Hi everyone! I was just wondering if by any chance anyone here has students at Nova in St. Paul? We have a first grader that started there this week after being home schooled for kindergarten. So far she LOVES it! She is such a social child and adores being with other kids every day. I would love to connect with other parents with kids there.
Are babies in arms allowed? My 3-month-old still can't go more than a couple hours before needing his numnums.
Quote: Originally Posted by Heavenly I'm blunt and would probably say something like, "No thanks, I'm sure some of my friends will give me stuff...like I gave you those two bags of clothes a couple of months ago. Remember?" Let her make of that what she will. I like this response. And, yes, that was very tacky of her.:
My ds was born March 20th and we just received his card in the mail today, so less than 3 weeks. Not bad.
We always trick-or-treat door to door. And lots in our nieghborhood do as well. We've been to indoor things like the MOA one, and you are totally right that they give out the cheapest candy. We went to the Children's Museum one once and all the kids got were a couple cheap plastic spider rings and a few tootsie rolls. The most disappointing thing there though was that it wasn't anything different, just the same museum, but in costumes, and you had to pay extra for it.
Ummm, will you PLEASE come pet sit for me next time I need someone?
I thought I was the only one! I can't stand them. My dogs freak out too, and I feel so bad for them.
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