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Oh that was so long ago She moved to Canada in large part because NYS was so obnoxious...and she is able to offer so much better care to do many women/families there (she is also an N.D., which is unrecognized in NYS) I would recommend getting in touch with BirthNet of the Finger Lakes on Facebook, though! They are incredibly active and amazingly wonderful
I went from a regular poster...to lurking...to not coming by the site more than once a month, if that....mostly because things were so ridiculous with the moderation - the flow of information that originally drew me to MDC was gone :-/ However - having said that - there definitely needs to be some basic guidelines, we don't let our kids get bullied, why should we let our MDC friends get bullied, etc. And well, there are always trolls. I dunno...back in the day....I had a...
Oh my I need to stop in here more often...so many new people Below is our press release about starting up an Earth Scouts group for Ithaca area families (well, and anyone else who wants to visit Ithaca twice a month ) Let me know if you are interested or have any questions We are excited to announce that our community now has an alternative scouting experience: Ithaca Earth Scouts! Earth Scouts is a national scouting program for boys and girls aged 3...
What town are you in? Ithaca How old are your kids? 14, 7, 4 ...all boys.... How did you find MDC? holy cow...ummm while I was pregnant with ds2...a friend recommended the magazine...I googled...I became addicted...the rest is history... Are you interested in meeting other MDC moms? I think I know most of the Ithaca ones? But yes yes yes What's your favorite holistic place in your area? wow...no clue. All the good ones were named already
Happy Birthday, Avery!!!!!!
joiiiiiiiin us! Joiiiiiiin usssss! I mean ummm... move to Ithaca!
Quote: Originally Posted by hopefulfaith We have more in common than we are different. Pass the bean dip....pass the bean dip...pass the bean dip. Sometimes you really aren't going to change someone's mind, no matter how much you believe in something and want to engage in thoughtful conversation about it. So, pass the bean dip, please! In the end, only kindness matters. ...but like neetling just said, sometimes the only good answer truly is 'suck...
That sounds an awful lot like what swept through our whole office over the past 2 weeks, and then the boys at home got it too. I need a gasp smiley (a reverse sigh one?) Thank you for posting that you were confirmed And I'm glad you are all feeling better
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