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Since I got pregnant with ds3 (he's 2.5yo now) I've been unable to wear anything that touched my waist. I just started wearing low rise jeans... They are sooooo much more comfortable but no, I don't think anyone would notice maternity jeans, unless they had the big saggy panel on them
I hate to suggest it....but...would it be worth doing an online college program that you could do at night after your DD is asleep? Going part-time you would still qualify for financial aid, and that would at least be enough to keep you afloat untill you can figure something better out...... When I was a single mom, I ended up going to school full-time and working part-time. I qualified for state assistance because my income was low AND I was in school.... And I was...
You are an amazing mama This must be so hard on all of you right now....but all I can think of is how much better things will be (in comparison to how they could be) because you have handled this all so well. I have boys...no daughters...but I can still say that before I read this thread it would never have occured to me to stay calm and not aggressively press for more information. I hate that you had to start this thread...but thank you so much for sharing how...
Quote: Originally Posted by famousmockngbrd http://www.thesneeze.com/mt-archives...ont_eat_it.php Scroll down the page a bit more than halfway. Mmm, mmm - prison wine! (didn't even have to look...that link is forever burned in my head ) I was going to say check out some brewing books from the library--even a homebrew IPA with tons of hops (hops are $$ right now) is going to be way cheaper than buying that much of a decent, real...
you said it wasn't too healthy...without knowing what it is, I might go with "It is too rich for our tummies " Anything with cream or too much oil or butter has always set my stomach reeling
Was he not listed on your family form when you applied for PCAP? That is so weird oh wait! You are in here in Ithaca?? Why am I not surprised to hear about it *sigh* You are on MOMS not PCAP and the rules are COMPLETELY different than elsewhere in the state crap crap crap are you on the birthnet mailing list? someone on there might know more about your options..... I'll see what I can find out too
oooh Iron Kettle: http://www.ironkettlefarm.com/ pumpkins...hay rides....haunted houses for little ones and big kids...pumpkin sling shot (my oldest loves this)...corn maze...gift shop... A great way to spend a nice fall afternoon
Quote: Originally Posted by doulamichelle I am about an hour from Binghamton. There are two great groups online where you can meet other mommies in your area (and they do get-togethers/play groups). They are www.binghamtonmoms.com and www.southerntiermommies.com Southerntiermommies was the one I couldn't remember It used to be for people with kids under the age of 3...but then decided to open it up to parents of kids of all ages. I...
There are a few local boards for Binghamton mamas, but I think http://www.stnynaturalparents.com/ is the one that is most in line with MDC I'm up in Ithaca--so not too far away and there are a good number of Binghamton area moms on here too I hope the move goes well! Oh!! You'll be just in time to go to Iron Kettle Farms for halloween stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cassiopeia Heh. That's exactly the experience I had coming to Ithaca. People are friendly though. I don't feel too much crunch based judgment here. I wish I could go but I think my parents are going to be here then. oh bah...bring them too!
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