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Help, my child is eating wheat germ directly out of a bowl! WWYD (For the record, Goo eats it right out of the bowl and at first I panicked!!!! What an A$$ I am!) :LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by polka123 Lap dances for me & MamaG I thought MamaG said "frivolous"? Isn't that a necessity?
Wow! That is drama.. I hope you can talk with her more and learn more about your mom...
Quote: Originally Posted by girlndocs I was going to say, dark chocolate, but I could make a scientific case for that being part of my antidepressant treatment. Nope, that is definately needed for depression! Not frivolous at all!
I am hoping you got sleep. We are on the path of a small Air Force/Commerical landing strip and on some days, all we get are planes....
Coffee- I love my coffee. And I live in Dunkin' Donuts central. I know every town that has a drive thru Dunkin' so I can get a coffee while Moo and Goo are in the car with me. I know the HOURS of the Dunkin's in the area. I order Gevalia coffee. I am pathetic.... (I love black tank tops, but I've been told it's not my color)
Quote: Originally Posted by DaryLLL BTW, Foo, they are in the trash. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!(as she dives into the trash bin to recover the soon to be stale circus peanuts.....wait, they are BETTER stale, just like Peeps)
Quote: Originally Posted by DaryLLL Yesterday. Went out shopping with the kids. In CVS (drug store for you non-USAers) the kids found bags of CPs. They were in store brand bags but we saw some of the candies were impressed with the "Spangler" name. Half were just pockmarked in the usual way. Since I suspected Spanglers are the gold standard of CPs, I let them get a bag. We got done shopping and went out to the car. Opened the bag. Immediately the odor...
I can't believe people want to watch!!! TG my family and Dh's family live out of state!
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