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I am so sorry....:
Quote: Originally Posted by Lindsaylou I figured I would tell you how I cut my dd's nails (same age as your son). It may or may not work for your kiddo. Right after I clip I make this really surprised face and gasp. She thinks its hilarious and *loves* having her nails clipped. She actually gives me her hands to be clipped when she sees me holding the clippers. I try that, but they both still run and hide when they see the...
I tend to think it was presentation. I was raised very mainstream and I am half and half. We eat much better than my parents ever did (do) and we try to be good to the environment,but I try not to force much on the kids.
People say my kids look just like Dr. Foo, but cute. (note, not cuter, just cute) Our personal joke is that we are still trying to figure out who the mother is
No, I am not. I may hug, but I have never kissed a friend before (male or female). My only kissing has been reserved for lovers or family But then again, I am not touchy feely. Never was. Surprised me the other day when I gave Goo a good morning kiss and she insisted on 8 kisses on my mouth and I was uncomfortable with that. But I let her because she wanted... (does this make me a bad mamma to not want my child to kiss me on the mouth? I don't mind other places) :
SInce I have a habit of jumping onto threads that I know NOTHING about, WELCOME BACK!
I voted no. Flame if you must, but I still believe that there are people who lie. There are cases where there is clear abuse. There are also cases on unclear situations. I see nobody has brought up Kobe Bryant. He was accused of rape. The case ended up going to civil court. I don't agree how it was handled with some of the things that the procescuters did, but I didn't immediately believe that he was guilty (nor did I believe that he was innocent)
Quote: Originally Posted by jeca yeah fantastic bras that make you look great with yoru clothes on but "hey hon can you turn out the lights cause I really don't like wearing bras 24/7 and I'd rather not watch my boobs swing to my navel while trying to get my freak on." OMG, I just peed my pants!
Quote: Originally Posted by Katie Bugs Mama You let your DD sleep with a purple monkey!?! Aren't you worried about your poor lavender grandchildren!?! yes, I am afraid they will see Curious George and well, then they will be sad... very sad.. (evil man with the yellow hat!)
Hey- My Moo LOVES her purple monkey. So much that she sleeps with him... no purple monkey haters! :LOL
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