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I think that was a well composed letter and I am glad you sent it! Sometimes, you just have to say what you have to say!
I believe there is some leaching of infant blood into mamma blood. You don't want the other way....
There are too many baby Lillys in my area. Go with Ella AND CONGRATS MOMMA!
Quote: Originally Posted by merpk Jewish "countries," Dear Mr. Briss? And which countries-plural would those be? I love that! I am SO not touching the Isreal-Palestinian conflict with a 20 cubic pole!
Quote: Originally Posted by girlndocs Wow, they only last 15-25 years? No THANKS. Why not? Then you can Upgrade
BTW Kava- I've always loved your children's names!
Quote: Originally Posted by Hilary Briss Because capitalism has flourished in the jewish and christian countries. Modern colonialism and imperialism, in the service of capitalism were by and large the spawn of western judeo-christian nations. Sorry wasn't referring to the capitalist connection. I can't stand the phrase "judeo-christian" I see your point (sort of) about the capitlism flourishing, but didn't fascism arise in a christian...
Quote: Originally Posted by Moss's Mommy AHHHHH. You got me!!!!!! My pic is there still, when you quoted it! Oh well!!!! Enjoy everyone. that was at mama g's partay.... everybody got lap dances. I had a squirmy screaming teething 1 year old on my lap and you guys got LAP DANCES???? :
Quote: Originally Posted by Hilary Briss Capitalism is one of the symptoms of the judeo-christian malady. ? Why is it always Judeo-Christian? Those religions are so different....
Quote: Originally Posted by kavamamakava I really hate discharge questions. :LOL When I was going through fertility treatments I was teh QUEEN of discharge questions : That's what I need "I am the queen of vaginal discharge" :LOL And to answer the question, it depends on the person and on the viscosity more than the color!
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