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since we are WAY OFF TOPIC, I think what KBM is trying to say is that a lot of people do just plop down a magnet and say "Look I support my troops" as opposed to others who may actually go and do things without feeling that they need to advertise the fact. I haven't found a sticker yet that says "I don't support the troops"
Yes, Goo (not her name) was named after Dh's grandmother and my grandfather Moo (not her name) was named after Dh's godmother and his aunt who died way too soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaAllNatural I think I only saw *one* poster say they hate them. Most of us said we *judge* them. You bet I do. WTF said I am teaching my kids to hate them? Quite an ASSumption. I wouldn't waste one minute of my children's precious life to teach them to hate anyone. How will I even bring myself to waste a minute of their lives to tell them about these huge groups of WS who hate them? It's totally and compltely...
Curse you Darylll, Now I want to head down to the Garage! (BTW I pm'd you) If you ever check in g, I hope your head doesn't hurt and your birthday was good!
Quote: Originally Posted by loving-my-babies marriage has forever been between a a man and a woman and there is nothing wrong with me not wanting to change that. I'm conservative. You're not going to change my views, so all the posts you will post to me, from now on, will lead to a very long (much longer) thread with no point, really. And If people want to be over-sensitive, that's fine with me. If you are going to pick on every little thing I say and...
Very rude, but you now have cute puppies!
Quote: Originally Posted by jeca In all honesty I don't care what message it sends to anyone. In all honesty no one has to know. It's about me, myself and I and not trying to live up to what anyone's perception of beauty is but my own. And in my own 2 small floppy pancakes isn't what *I* want. I think in the terms of self hate people need to remember that more than one person can share an idea of beauty just because a magazine or television reports on...
Quote: Originally Posted by gethane I disagree. If most Christians would never think of doing that, why are most Americans, the majority of whom are Christian, so intent on denying gay people the right to marry? : And those are the idiots who came to my town last week!(those in the article)
Well DAMN! We can't compete with THAT!!! $80 lobster? YIKES!!! And I don't even EAT the stuff.. I'll bet ya she is out after those SUV people again!
Quote: Originally Posted by DaryLLL Hey, it's G's birthweek. I am sure she wouldn't mind more cake, esp gourmet Cambridge cake! I dunno, can Mama G handle the snootyness of Cambridge High Price food? (and the 4 sticks (I KID YOU NOT) of butter?
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