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Quote: Originally Posted by DestinysMama Yup. I actually found it during a debate with a christian who was trying to claim that Einstein was christian too :LOL You're joking right? Einstein? Christian? :
But I missed it last time!!! Can't we do it again? Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?? ???
I am glad that Jed is ok... I am sorry you are in such a rough spot right now!
It is on the 16th or the 17th? Happy birthday!
Interesting debate. I honestly have never cared for phonics. I always get the words wrong when I try to sound them out Cacophony...that one I ALWAYS mispronounce (and if I spell wrong, please forgive me, I suck at spelling) You should see the arguments Dr. Foo and I have on the word "Karem" Sigh.... Anyway, are you CHOOSING a particular method to teach reading? At the moment, we are just reading to Goo and helping her with certain words. I am think we are teaching...
I tend to agree on the nighttime ritual. We have one for Goo and we are working on one for Moo. I hadn't thought about adding the sh'ma...that's a good idea as the last thing before bed. Dr. Foo and I were just talking about a new bedtime ritual for Goo at lunch. He thinks we need to set up a "ok- dinner is done, time to do X, but when bedtime starts, we do Y" I am not sure how to deal with the "Leah is having fun, I don't want to go to bed". That is the hard...
Oh man, I hope you are a matching blood type. How are YOU holding up with all of this?
Quote: Originally Posted by klothos for the last time people I AM NOT PMS'ING Mmmhmm I believe you...... Actually, I would have noted your hair. I just don't get red hair (as in primary red). But that's just me..... I am a little...um...prudish about hair color
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