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Ah BTW that is a nice idea having the sleepover on Shabbot, Ok- maybe it is time to kick Leah back to her room. Goo will also take over the special occasions. Maybe tell Hannah that she can sleep in your room BUT she needs to go to bed at her bedtime or she sleeps in her room. (that way she chooses staying up later or sleeping with you once you get to bed) Hmmm. thinking. I have had to get creative before with Goo, and Moo wants to stay up as long as she knows...
OMG, I am so fricken old.... THanks, I needed to be reminded just how damn old I am! Goo has a GIANT strawberry shortcake doll in her bed. She wear pants now! Remember in the 80s that she wore these silly dresses?
Ah, I am sorry.... (happy birthday a day late!)
No You are so not overreacting. It is illegal up here to idle your engine for more than 5 minutes if you are not in traffic. 2 hours??? THat is disgusting amounts of pollution! UGH
AnnetteMarie! You are too funny! I think Health and Healing would be a good place for a health question (since sex is part of reproductive health...)
Happy birthday!
I thought Mama G when I read this too.... Hmmmmmmm
Quote: Originally Posted by Victorian Judgemental. I for one CAN NOT WAIT for the daisy duke look to hit Walmart. I'm stocking up for DD, don't you just hate it when staples like daisy duke shorts go out of style! Oh yeah Daisy DUke shorts and my thighs makes me think of creamfilling falling out of a donut.... I hate Daisy Duke shorts!!1!
GWH- Sigh, too bad your DH couldn't get a permenent job with that group. I am sorry. Is there some way he can change his skill set? A friend of mine lost her job and took 8 months to complete a database certification and now has a better paying job... HUGS.....
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