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Amberskyfire,   Mind if I ask you about locals. I have heard from many people that they Hawaiians are mean to the people the move to islands to live. (especially racist to the white people) What was your experience with this?   And also, how do you feel about living where it's hard to travel? I'm in Alaska now (been here 17 years) and it's very hard to travel since you either spend 5-7 days in a car just to get into the states or $600 to fly out. 
Technically it's not medicaid but the auditing company they hired. The midwives all banding together and sending in their appeals right now.
Interesting this thread popped up again. Turns out there is a HUGE issue with Medicaid right now and if things dont change, the midwives will no longer be accepting DKC as it is too restrictive.  I'll keep you all posted.
$60,000 in Anchorage Alaska is tough! I bet it's very similar in Hawaii but it you get of the more populated islands and go to maybe the Big Island, you can find cheaper rentals.  I can't help you with the air quality though, it is hawaii after all.
I've also heard good things about Sandy! She knows a lot about Thyroid stuff too and I'm thinking of going to see her for that.
sorry this is so late of a reply but I rarely get on Mothering anymore. YES!! I'm sure the community here would love to hear more about your book. Just let me know (icanofanchorage@gmail.com) and I'll post it all over facebook and share it with the Alaska Birth Network.  
Delta Meat and Sausage might be able to direct you to a rancher in Delta. I don't recall any that specifically raised beef cattle on grass however, the Fellman's Dairy (part of Northernlights Dairy) let their dairy cows graze in the pastures during the summer. We have had some of their dairy cow after it was butched due to old age and OMG! So good. They really care for their cows. What about the Hollembeck Ranch? they raise buffalo and elk, maybe cows too. They are...
My friends have recommended Dr Parker in Palmer, he runs COHO Family Medicine next door to the Heritage Birth Center.
If you have lived in both Anchorage Alaska and the coastal part of Oregon, how do you compare the weather between the two?
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