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We are looking for a place to move to. Tennessee was brought to my attention and I'd love to know more about this state. We would also like to continue to home school our kids.
the traffic is not like Dallas but It's not pretty. Weather or not, since there is ONE road that takes people from Anchorage to the Valley, if there is an accident, you'll be stuck in  traffic for a long time.
I used to recommend MY HEALTH CLINIC off Abbott but not so sure any more. One of the NP's there seems to be pretty pro-vax and also just not willing to listen to her patients. :(
It's really hard to say where is best to live. Many many people live in Palmer/Wasilla which is 45+ miles away and commute daily to Anchorage. We made the choice 4 years ago to NOT have a long commute because that just does not work for our family. We live in town.  Now I have a job that requires me to travel to the valley (palmer) at least 1 day a week plus any births I attend out there.  I'm glad we don't have to make that commute every day!
Uterine Rupture is 100% in a c-section.  What else would you call a 4+ inch wide hole in your uterus?   NO ONE is at a 0% risk. First time mom's face a slight risk of rupture. Ruptures can happen before labor even starts.
As long as you are not a VBAC mom, the Homebirth/Midwife community is AMAZING here.   Most of the utility companies work on a year payment plan. They average the bills out so you don't have huge bills in the winter.  We had an older home, the one I mentioned in the post above and it was about $125 a month in Gas (heat and hot water, range) and electric was about $80 a month, more in the winter if you plug in your cars. We were pretty frugal with our utilities...
It can take 30 minutes to drive from downtown to my home on the East Side in heavy traffic. Add snow and slick roads to that and your looking at well over 30 minutes.  Once you get off the main roads that lead out of town, the driving should be smoother. It can easily take 45+ min to drive from the North side to the South side on good day.   Most of the time the city does a fairly decent job of keeping the main roads and bus routes clear and sanded.  It can take...
    Homeschooling is pretty popular here. They say about 1/3 the children in our state homeschool. There are many pubic charter schools that offer a homeschooling program. They give the family an allotment per child to spend on supplies and books. There is also a great homeschooling group in Anchorage called Alaska Life Learners. We get together at least once a month for playdates, art trips, field trips, etc.   Our price range for a home was $250,000 (really it should...
I have had an accidental UC and we did go to the hospital...... nothing was wrong, we just went..... and they kept the baby in the NICU for 3 days even though there was NOTHING wrong with him. I was treated like I was never there, completely ignored for 12 hours before my OB showed up and said I was fine to go. I personally would NOT go to the hospital unless I felt I needed to go. I would schedule an appointment with the baby doc for his 1 week check up.
I have had hospital VBACs.  I would never choose to birth in hospital again with out a major medical need. You should investigate BOTH options thoroughly and set up consults with a few OB's as well as the Birth Center Midwives.   You are blessed to HAVE to option to have an out of hospital VBAC. As the Midwives in Alaska are not allowed to attend out of hospital VBACs. :(
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