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Which part of town are you in? And another great place to meet mom is at our local ICAN or BIrth Network meetings.  (also on Meet up)   www.Meetup.com/Alaska-Birth-Network
Thanks. My friend has been in contact with many care providers in Naples and so far non will accept her or allow her to VBAC     What is the climate for refusing surgery?
http://www.meetup.com/Alaska-Birth-Network/events/77817912/   July 10, 11, 12   See ya there!
And willing to take on a 33 week mom. thanks!
I think you might like this http://classes.strollerstrides.net/anchorage/location/index.aspx   Welcome!
Hey everyone! It's been a while. We lived in our bus and camped all summer but since I was given the opportunity to apprentice with some of my favorite midwives, I jumped on it and now we are wintering in Anchorage again. Got a cute little mobile near our old neighborhood so we can keep an eye on our renters and house too.
I also have a question. If I was a License Midwife from another state, can I legally (or shall I say not illegally) attend a homebirth there? Would I be governed by the rules of hawaii or those of the state I was licensed in?   I'm an apprentice right now, but the group of CDM's I work with would like to open a Birth Center in Hawaii (they already have 2 here in Alaska).
  A picture of our first Quilt! We need just 4 more squares to complete our second quilt. I hope more of you will consider being a part of this.   if you have a square and are ready to send it back, my address is   ICAN of Anchorage c/o Tammy Gifford 4027 James Dr Anchorage, AK 99504   All materials as well as the quilting is being donated by generous supporters. If you'd like to make a contribution to the Cesarean Mothers' Quilt fund,...
I'm sorry, I am rarely on this forum any more. Please feel free to email me at ICANofAnchorage@gmail.com
Your births were traumatic because of the people who were managing your births. Labor and Birth does not have to be like that!  Consult with a variety of care providers in your area to see what your options are.
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