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yes it is!! I was in Seattle yesterday and noticed it got dark earlier then it did back home in Anchorage.
My Daughter went to the Hole Look for her tongue pierced.
You can have a vaginal birth if you have particle, marginal, or low laying placenta previa, with the care of a skilled and knowledgeable provider. I would not, personally, recommend a vaginal birth with the above types of previa be done at home (knowingly)   For me, I'd like to have an ultrasound done to check placental placement around 28 weeks or so just to be sure.
Everything is going up. Food at most fast food places and at the local military base commissary is up. :( I'd imagine that airlines would follow suit. Just today gas went from $3.99 to $4.08 in 30 minutes!!!  Totally blows. :( 
Mine took 45 minutes to come out, which was nearly as long as my labor! LOL    
Unless you are at risk for a premature labor, sex including semen does not increase your risks. Enjoy. :)
Yes, the risks are slightly higher but we are already talking about a % of a % with any VBAC so slightly higher risk to me, personally, it not a big deal. I did have a VBAC 14 months after the c-section of my first baby. It's possible. However, you are wise to do what YOU and your family are comfortable with.  Besides, if I knew then what I know now, I too would have waited longer to conceive my 2nd child. It's just hard on a body to have back to back...
Why do you feel that birthing your baby at 39 weeks (via possible induction) would be more successful then waiting until your baby is ready?  
OMGosh! Good Luck :)
When our regular dentist refused to remove my 8 year old daughters tooth that had a cavity they tried to fill 4 times yet the tooth kept hurting her, we took her to Glacier Dental off of Tudor. He was really good and they took her, no questions asked.    
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