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I had very strong mixed feelings for a month or so post partum. I set some limits as design one breast for my oldest, nurse after the baby, have some mommy time. I had discomfort by my oldest latch that was way different compare with the newborn. I think with the time i manage the feeling and focus more in the bonding. She CLWed 3 years later.
My mom raised under the same philosophy as  you described. Now as adult, I really wish to had the strong attachment with my mom.... I really wish that my mother had that strong attachment with me as baby. I end up not to having the strong attachment with other family members anyway, because I feels was not what I need it back then. My mom went back to my to had somehow that she missed in my infancy and toodlerhood when I was in my twenties.  Sadly was to late for me!.
I had a c/s due the breech presentation at 36+5 . I went to the hospital to had a version and they said that the baby still breech and I was in labor with 3 cms. I didn't feel that I was in labor at all. They definitely scare me and said that in the end all that really means is to have an healthy baby. I had the c/s that was very impersonal, cold surgery, my recovery was fast, but breastfeeding wasn't . Also, they clapped immediately her cord, so she was denied of a ...
Tiny undies can't hold any pee.I started using a lot after my babies can hold more consistently and/or have a very clear cues or timing. For us it was past 8mo.  We used a lot of non-waterproof trainers in warm weather and snap diapers non-waterproof & wool leggings or fleece pants to go out in winter season, for easy changes without take off pants and shoes. At home, they were bottoms naked 24/7, sometimes legs warmers or split pant w/ no diapers
I started to like the idea of Homeschooling after my DD first birthday, but we end up participate in Waldorf Education for couple years. DD was very unconfortable with Waldorf, but for me still school. Unschooling is more or less fit better with our family, ours routines. Now, my kiddos are very social, verbal, and busy. I can't imagine been as alive than they're now in any kind of school setting, no even homeschool. We have a very enriched life, but at the same time...
  Absolutly!...All babies in their early day cues before they going to eliminate. I been seen in many non EC babies that uses diapers. After a while in diapers with non response of their parents, babies stopped cues. Communications in two ways directions. If nobody answer after many, many calls, ... of course, they have to stop making calls. We forget that babies can't talk, but they can communicate with body languages, sounds, etc.  
EC WEAR store has great few options.
I think somehow we're been pretty good to keeping colds, flu and other illness on bay. We get cold every few years. My tips are, lacto-ferrmented food, Vit D and Elderberry syrup in Fall and Winter seasons. Supplement here and there with Zinc,but for sure with the first sign of any illness. If somebody get a cold, supplemented with raw and local propolis. Try to keep away  sugar from our diet and eat low carbs as possible. Eat plenty of greens and berries. Breastfeed as...
Maybe, you can find a very valuable information here from Dr. Mckenna.  http://www.naturalchild.org/james_mckenna/cosleeping.pdf
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