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Great tips!
If you can have the option to decide. I like the gap of 2 1/2-3 1/2  year. I really don't like to be in charge of two babies. It works for us that DD was already very independent in go to the bathroom, pick up fruit from the frigde, walk and get herself inside the car, get her own glass of water, follow directions. Also, I like to give the time for my body to recover and refill with nutrients and energy. My kids play together all the time.
You're doing great!. It's always healthy to "talk" about ours feelings. I feel somehow we have to step up for our kids here and there. I don't approve or accept that anybody be negative or put down wherever aspect of my children life. Ei. My DD is very hairy, I can't speak our immediately is somebody including other kids do any negative comment relate to the amount of body hair my DD have, or her appearance. If somebody has her/his opinion they're free to keep with...
Hi , Hugs to you! A breastfeeding relationship is between a Mother and a Child. A want to point out a few thing that you said, You said that your DD " STILL" nursing..well, you're putting down already down like it's something that you;re excusing yourself about a bad behavior.Nursing at 2,5 yo, is just the normal for not pressured child to nurse. Second, you're doing something very important for your daughter to offering the opportunity to live and enjoy the...
Do you check fot Tonge Tie?  
I agree with pp. The first couple months are the toughest ones.My first nursed on demand until the day my second one born. I'm glad she enjoyed the exclusivity for her 3+ years. I started to set some limits for my second. She end up nursing for another 3 years. I'm very proud of my girl and myself.
1.) Why do you try to live a green or natural lifestyle? I think a natural living should be the default of human life.All the rest makes of our life more difficult and lack of choices of plenty life in terms of health.   2.)Do you have any hopes and dreams for your kids and family that are helped by living this way? I wish they live and take cre of themselves and pick carefully and holistic approach in every choices of their life   3.) What are your greatest...
My 6 yo had/kind fo have the raw  and flaky skin behind the ears . We been trying differents approaches. We tried liver detox an healing, Vit. B and Folic Acid defiency, elimination diet, and all kind of worked a little bit. We are almost resolved the problem balancing her pH. I think her pH was too acid, due an imbalanced diet. All that made her liver do a lot extra work. We leveled with more the alkaline food, and we though a huge improve it in a few days.
I tried but it didn´t work well for us. I end up buy a few split pants, maybe 4 total. I love wool and fleece for our split pants. Anyway, both of my kids loves stay waist down naked in the infancy and toodlerhood. They really can care less about cold weather. We end up just using pants to go outside. At home they used legs warmers early in the morning and socks. After a couple ours they end up waist down naked.LOL!.. Maybe, somehow EC babies get more prepare to handled...
My 2 kids are CLWed. First at 18 months and 2nd 16 month.
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