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Hi, Could be a good idea that you contact to  Lomas Natural in Guatemala. They do Babywearing workshops. http://www.lomas-natural.org/node/1    
It's definatelly posible to EC a 12 mo baby. It's absolutly possible that you can get a clean catch witha baby that is familiar with her potty practice. But , for what I see you just need to catch an ocasional pee and not necesarally go for all what is EC practice. I'm glad that you're looking for a more gentle and less thraumatic aproach for the urine samples that you need. You can offer the potty just after she wakes up in the morning, maybe do the shhhhhhhhhhhh...
Neither of my kids never take/like sippy cups. They love to drunk from an open cup since their 6 mo.I used small glass cup (heavy bottoms).
Did you checked for Tonge Tie?..Find somebody that especialize in Tonge Tie.  
I'm planning to start a Homeschooling Camp in Chile in a year for now. My idea is the kids can get a real Spanish inmersion, with many different idea and real life too.
We passed for that stage recently with our oldest. We create and partipate in couple homeschool groups. Another idea is make an  Homeschool ID with they own picture and create a name for your homeschool. Kids like to be identify with somethings.
First baby had a Co-sleeper, a crib and a pack-n-play. She never like for more tha couple minutes. Just for collect dust and clutter. Second baby, not had any of this stuff by choice. We'll rader ask for some high quality os baby slings, a nice convertible car seat or a storkke high chair.If you end up needing a crib, you can get lightly used one for little money in craigslist.
Tricky question. My two children started solids around the same age (6 month old). My first wasn't ready but we did anyway because my Pediatrician said so. My second was definitely ready. My oldest I think that just weaned at few day after their 6th birthday. My second is almost 3 and he nurse way less that my oldest in every single stage. I also think that he's more eficiente nursling and my supply, and confidence is better...LOL!. He is always been a great solids...
Just my 2 cents!.. I see this going to be your first baby and that you're planning a trip just after have the baby. I think that you need to aware that you probably need a lot of rest, and time to bounding, even though that you might a birth with not complications what so ever.  If this was your second o more baby, I'll say just do it! get a ring sling or elastic wrap and have the trip. But I think for the first time parent is very overwhelming stage for the first 3...
Can some good LC check your baby about Tonge Tie. Look for somebody that have lots of expeerience in Tonge tie http://www.kiddsteeth.com/articles/breastfeedingdrkotlowtx.pdf
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