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18 months with my first, 16 months with my second. Both were  Ecological Breastfeeding, no paci, no night weaning until after 2 1/2 yo or later, started solids around their 6mo (BLW, no bottles, no even sippy). My oldest just self weaning at almost 6 yo and my youngest is no even  close to weaning at 2 1/2 yo
EC for us is one of the way we parenting. I didn't recommend it for  some mothers that have difficult in early days post-partum , ei. breastfeeding, pain, etc. Tips, * use the sink, large and open plactic bowl in the bed, couch, etc.         * If you use diapers with I recommend in the beginning, I prefer flat or prefold with belts, no covers..Flat sometimes is better because you have many changes, less bulky to carry if you going out, dry faster, cheaper.        ...
I'm in CT but I'll love too!  
Neither of my kids used stroller but they don't like to stay lotng in the back carriers either. I let my kids run in the aisle, always went when there is not many people around. I don't go to malls anyway, but in crowded places they just ride in the ergo.
I could write word by word this post. Kids are bare feet year around at home, Soft Star Shoes *boots for winter, Crocs for summer, DH and I wear Vibram, at we all spend  bare feet  time as much is possible.  
9 mo. is a tought age for mothers.Babies are very busny learning many stuff and lots of changes happens around that age. Are you have help in weekends a few hours in the morning to help to catch up a couple hours of sleep for you?. Do you have some help with the house cores?   I highly not recommend night weaning early that 12 mo. It's normal for babies to nurse many time through the night.
I understand you completed. I have the same frustration almost 2 weeks ago. My friend is 40 yo , having her first and I think the last baby. She in the begining planned a natural birth, but She had GD and the OB the induce her with Cervadil twice at 40 weeks and 4 days, then they started with PItocin. I was there all the until they contraction for the Pitocin were terrible, she wasn't allowed to more ans use movement to relief the contraction,  she was in continue...
Thanks for sharing. Go celebrate it!.... What a wonderful gift are gave to you children!. Very inspirational!
The milestone reached are quiete normal to regresion, but also, could be a learning experience  for mothers(dads) and babies. When we have a regression about Ec or anything else, I usually review what s been happened in our busy life lately and try to figure solutiond or slow down our life for the well of the baby/child. To transitioned from EC from Part-time and Full time could be a little different for everyone. For me are been to mayor changes. First, Stay cool all...
My minimalist list for us< *Car Seat...Infant for the first 3 month and the we switch to a convertible one after that. * We EC:Cloth diapers for back up(non waterproof), some cloth wipes, 2 potties seats(1 home, 1 for the car) * We breastfeed , for us just couple cloth pads. I use barely a pump for my first and non pump at all for my second. Also, non nursing pillows either. * We bed sharing, just need 3 waterproof pads (for EC) and 2 baby blankets. * We...
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