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Congrats that are you in China and the opportunity to EC in public with easy. Are you asking about to transitioning from EC part-time to full-time?
I been Tandem nursing for more than 2 1/2 years. I'm in the end of this stage. My oldest is in the way out at almost 6 yo. I have very ick moments at the first couple months post partum, but I'll survived and I great I didn't give up. I'm  been grateful of my decision of tandem because I believe that is up to my kids the time of weaning, second, the oldest is didn;t feel out emotionally after my youngest born. Third, I believe that is better for their development to wean...
We're bilingual (Spanish) and unschooling. Spanish is my first language, second is English and third Portugues (read well, speak not perfect but I can communicate with not mayor inconvenience and can't to write well though), alsoI understand and read Italian and a little bit of French. My kids are inmerse in a multilanguage inviroment. We encourage to speak read and write Spanish because English is their first language. They're very aware that different people around...
It's any way that you can change her diaper discretely. I know how your feeling my little one used to scream out loud. Can you search different bathroom location in your way?. Can you seat in a bench in your way and potty in tupperware container with lid?  
I have many foot issues before I started  walking barefoot and wearing minimalist shoes(for short periods). I been barefoot for almost a decade. I can see my feet now, they're pain free and looks healthy and strong. My toes take years to kind of recover form the damage of the shoes, I don't think that I can recover from the malformation in 100 %, because I'll growht in shoes as everybody else. Thankfully my feet are way better and also, I see the change in my posture,...
The relative that I told you before and all his sibblings have very strong relationship with their parents, My relative and his sibblings are all in their 40 and 50 yo.  I don't say that Breastfeeding is the only factor for an strong family bounding, but definitely is contribute.
My simple tip is move her to not waterproof trainner or regular undies. Anyway, regresion is normal. My little one is coming and going in pee regressions, He's a distractive kid and loves water, so playdates latelly were just misses and He's supposly an EC "graduated".. 
Well, my Cousin's Husband nurse for like 7 or 8 years. He don't remenber much. Also, all his sisters and brotherz breastfeed for at least  3 years. They're all normal and pretty mainstream by the way. He encourage his wife to nurse his son for at least 3 years. I think that you husband can evaluate his see the breast just as sexual. E.i. You use you mouth to eat, drink, kiss you mother, a sibbling, our children AND our significant other..Not all kisses are the...
  That's exactly the dark circles of my DD  
I'll look around for you. 
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