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I used an stroller with my oldest for the first 6 mo, After that we give away our stroller, have another baby that never been seating in a stroller. Although we're not car free ad live in area with terrible public transportation and semi rural. My only tip to ad if a good sun hat for you and you little one, and a nice gaze wrap for very hot days.Also, I second the idea of the waist pouch, we ECed and used to just carry my wallet, cell and a diaper/pant.
Phisically I feel way more better.In my teen I was obese. I was tired all the time, my legs  hurts all the time just with a little walk. 30 was/is good, even thought the multiple miscarriages and childbearing. Now, at almost 40 i feel good and look way more better that in my 18ish.   Emotionally way more too. I 'm  much happier, possitive, lots of energy and mostly more patience and confidente/
Very cold Coconut water....was orgasmic!
Beside the car seat, my babies just need a couple baby slings (ring sling, a good wrap), clothing and  cloth diapers  and potty seat , because we ECed.  We also like a moises basket for laid the baby here and there, especially for take a shower in the early months. Other than that we don't had crib, we co-sleep, not strollers or swings, neither of mine kids like to  be restrict them. Oh! I forget it...A good diaper or messenger bag to carry baby clothing, diapers, my...
Couples questions for you, Did you potty him at night in the bathroom or in your bedroom?. Maybe, he doesn't like to feel the cold potty or walking on the cold floor. Can you talk about the order for nursing and potty before he goes to sleep?. Anyway, around that ages my two ECed children have many few misses at night, I place the waterproof pads that I used in the early months, and also they sleep over a large towel. My youngest is been sleeping without diapers...
My vote was never, trully!. At most maybe once a year. I never like much anyway.
I would too!.. I relatated my first. It was tough and brutal, but I did successfully and She weaning just recently at 5 1/2 yo.
Bitter-sweet feeling. My DD is not nursing anymore after 5 years and 8 months. I'm so proud of her and myself too. We engage to our story of re-lactation at 2 months old and battle with low supply for a while. She share he nunnies with her bother for 2 1/2 years. She still my baby even though she is the most independent and social  creature. We had our weaning celebration yesterday.
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