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You're not alone, not at all.
Olives Seafood Quinoa Flax Nori and sea -weed Berries (organics) Avocado Rice Nuts Dried Fruits Colored Veggies Green Leaves Vegetables Fish and Fish Oil
We'l love the idea to go to Chicago next summer. Mama24-7: if you going in a RV, Where are you planning to parking? We're in CT, will found out is a neat idea to drive there...
Hi, is good to find somebody worry about the natural bedding. I thinking to start looking for a rice mattress. We been trying everything, and nothing work with my DH w/ 235 pound and sweeting a lot....:
Sorry for don't reply sooner. : You're right, "allow" is not the word....: I just confusing with the pale color of classroom and the way the teacher dress. Thanks, everyone, ... now is more clear to me... I love red!!!, and we soo happy with Waldorf playgroup, even though we have to learn a lot.
We started in Waldorf parent/child class last week, and we are new about Wladorf. I don't if too much red in my DS clothing is going to a be a problem there. She had a red shoe and a couple dresses: . Thank
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